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In this comprehensive exploration, we delve deep into Awkay Solution’s multitude of features. Previously, in one of our blog posts, we touched upon the benefits these features bring to the Souls-Verse ecosystem. Now, let’s take a closer look at them. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive right in.


As previously mentioned, it’s essential to reiterate the goals and purposes that Awkay Technologies had in mind while developing Awkay Solution within the blockchain ecosystem. Two significant objectives stand out prominently:

Bringing Web2 Players into the Blockchain Ecosystem with Streamlined Web3 Processes

Traditional Web3 processes, such as creating crypto wallets, purchasing tokens from exchanges, buying NFTs from marketplaces, and transferring earnings to wallets, can be cumbersome for many Web3 users. For Web2 players, these processes might seem challenging or time-consuming. Therefore, one of the primary motivations behind the development of Awkay Solution is to simplify the blockchain experience for a broader audience.

Expanding the Use Cases of $SOULS Token within The Unfettered Ecosystem

The $SOULS token, unique within The Unfettered Ecosystem, aims to extend its usability. This includes creating additional benefits for early investors and Founder’s Pass NFT holders who have been supporting this ecosystem from the beginning. Account Abstraction, among other features within Awkay Solution, plays a pivotal role in making this expansion possible.

These motivations, combined with extensive research and development efforts, have led to the creation of Awkay Solution, bringing the release date of Souls-Verse closer than initially anticipated.


Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction is the cornerstone feature that makes all other features within Awkay Solution “enhanceable.” The reason behind this is the inherent limitations of the Externally Owned Account (EOA) and Contract Account (CA) models.

EOA Wallets: These traditional crypto wallets are free to create and secured with seed phrases. However, every transaction (including token and NFT transfers) must be manually signed, which can be a cumbersome process.

CA Wallets: In contrast, CA wallets are secured by smart contracts, offering customizable functions beyond token trading. However, they require fees for account creation.

Account Abstraction bridges these gaps by abstracting the token/NFT holdings and signature processes into a smart contract, transforming the wallet into a programmable interface. This means that various Web2 features, including email-based wallet creation, can be seamlessly integrated into the system.

How It Works: Account Abstraction is the linchpin that unlocks the potential of Awkay Solution. It operates by abstracting the token and NFT holdings along with the signature processes, effectively transforming a traditional crypto wallet into a programmable smart contract.


Streamlined User Experience: With Account Abstraction, users can create wallets with ease, even through email, eliminating the need for complex seed phrases or manual transaction approvals. This feature bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 users, making blockchain processes more accessible.

Enhanced Functionality: The transformed wallet becomes a versatile tool, allowing for various functions as per the user’s requirements. This includes not just token transfers but also a range of customizable operations.

Dual Layered Encryption

To ensure the utmost security of private keys within a closed network, Awkay Solution employs dual-layered encryption.

How It Works: Awkay Solution employs dual-layered encryption, ensuring that private keys are encrypted both on the client and server sides. Transactions proceed only with the user’s explicit approval.


Unparalleled Security: The combination of a personal PIN and Awkay Wallet’s unique User Secret provides robust protection, preventing unauthorized access, even by administrators. Your assets are safeguarded at the highest level.

Multi-factor Authentication

Enhance asset protection with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), which mandates approvals from multiple devices or trusted contacts for all transactions. This robust safeguard eliminates single-point vulnerabilities, ensuring the utmost security for your assets.

How It Works: MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring approvals from multiple devices or trusted contacts for all transactions.


Enhanced Asset Security: MFA eliminates single-point vulnerabilities, making it exceptionally difficult for unauthorized parties to gain access to your assets.

Customizable Security: Users can tailor MFA settings to their preferences, providing a high degree of control over their account’s security.


AutoMark simplifies transactions within Souls-Verse by allowing users to perform actions with a single click, eliminating the need to manually sign each action within the game.

How It Works: No longer need to sign every action within the game manually. Instead, you can use basic “YES” or “NO” options for in-game actions without redirecting to third-party wallet websites.


Uninterrupted Gameplay: Game interruptions become a thing of the past as players can seamlessly execute in-game actions without the hassle of signing each one manually. This enhances the gaming experience significantly.

Easy Pay

Easy Pay allows users to purchase NFTs or $SOULS tokens in Souls-Verse using traditional methods like credit cards without disrupting the gaming experience.

How It Works: Easy Pay lets you use your credit cards for in-app purchases within the game.


Convenience: Users can make purchases just like in-app transactions, providing a convenient and familiar experience.

Market Impact: Transactions made through Easy Pay also have an impact on the market, contributing to its dynamics.


Paymaster eliminates the need for users to hold the network’s coin to make transactions. It works by abstracting transaction fees, allowing users to pay for their transactions conveniently.

How It Works: Paymaster eliminates the requirement for users to hold the network’s native coin to conduct transactions. It achieves this by abstracting transaction fees, allowing users to pay in a way that suits them.


Cost-Effective Transactions: Users no longer need to worry about gas fees or holding specific tokens, making crypto transactions more affordable and user-friendly.

Seamless Experience: Paymaster ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction process, regardless of the user’s familiarity with blockchain technologies.


In this article, we’ve explored the comprehensive features of Awkay Solution within Souls-Verse. These features, including Account Abstraction, Dual Layered Encryption, Multi-factor Authentication, AutoMark, Easy Pay, and Paymaster, are designed to enhance your experience within the blockchain ecosystem.

With Awkay Solution, the goal is to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 players, making blockchain processes more accessible and user-friendly. Additionally, the expansion of $SOULS token use cases within The Unfettered Ecosystem is set to provide extra benefits to early supporters and Founder’s Pass NFT holders.

In conclusion, Awkay Solution brings innovation with Souls-Verse and ease of use to the blockchain world, promising a brighter and more accessible future for all.

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