The Unfettered AMA Recap

The Unfettered is a Story-Based AA Game to feature Play2Earn, NFT, and Metaverse, it tells the story of a lonely woman’s arduous journey to end years of Blood and Tears in the Age of Gods.

On January 12, Laura Cayuela, CMO at The Unfettered, joined us to answer our questions.


Laura Cayuela, CMO at The Unfettered

I’ve worked for the technology industry as ex IBM and digital marketing in the past years. Now, I’m working in The Unfettered Marketing Strategy, growing our community and highlighting our advantages in the market.


Questions from the CryptoRank team

#1. Can you tell us about The Unfettered? What problems do you solve, both in the space and for the community?

Laura C.: The Unfettered is an AA quality story-based game with play2earn, free-to-play, NFTs, and Metaverse concepts. It combines souls like and RPG genres as well. It’s a product-based project that seeks to make the experience of earning tokens more pleasant, which differentiates us from others.

The Unfettered is focusing on changing the status quo on blockchain games. We’re delivering an unforgettable experience to our gamers so they gain tokens and have a great time while playing our game.

#2. Could you briefly describe the milestones The Unfettered has achieved, and about your upcoming plans?

Laura C.: — Throughout this time, we have achieved an incredible product. With dedication and talent, we believe that the Unfettered will make a difference. We have already gone through the process of defining the concept, the scenarios of the game, we’re developing the different levels of the game. We have already completed the seed sales round; we’re finishing the private round and we hope to have a successful launch soon.

Here is our roadmap:

Phase 1:

  • Q4 2020: Defining the concept of the game
  • Q1 2021: Preparing the game scenario
  • Q1 2021: Development of characters alts — Part 1
  • Q2 2021: Development of characters alts — Part 2
  • Q3 2021: Starting to develop level designs
  • Q4 2021: Seed sale
  • Q4 2021: Private sale
  • Early Q1 2022: IDO
  • Q1 2022: The Unfettered alpha gameplay reveal trailer
  • Late Q1 2022: Release demo from The Unfettered (nonblockchain version)
  • Q3 2022: The Unfettered gameplay and blockchain integrated trailer
  • Late Q4 2022: Closed beta with blockchain integrated
  • Q2 2023: LAUNCH The Unfettered with blockchain integrated trailer

Phase 2:

  • Q3 2023: System of the arena trailer
  • Q3 2023: Integration of the arena system
  • Q4 2023: Daily/weekly quest system trailer
  • Q4 2023: Integration of daily/weekly quest system

Phase 3:

  • Q1 2024: Metaverse second trailer — Continue to sell lands
  • Q3 2024: LAUNCH Metaverse
  • Q4 2024: Metaverse bringing different communities together in The Unfettered

Phase 4:

  • Q2 2025: The Unfettered Co-Op trailer
  • Q2 2025: LAUNCH Co-Op.


Questions from Twitter

#1. What is the utilization of the Unfettered token? How can we use it in the game and how can we get it? Also, what benefits do holders with Unfettered tokens have?

Laura C.: — With SOULS tokens, you’ll be able to level up, buy items and equipment, buy lands, upgrade equipment, among others. You have to defeat enemies to collect their SOULS and turn them into in-game tokens. SOULS holders will be able to mint them, swap them, or stake them.

#2. What phase is The Unfettered really in? Is it in the creation and development phase yet? Or is it just missing to make both the launches of the Tokens and the game?

Laura C.: — The Unfettered has been in development for more than ten months now. We have three levels ready; we’re bu fixing them to release a playable DEMO at the end of Q1 2022. And we keep developing the other levels and stages of the game. This project will be in constant development and improvement to deliver the best possible experience to our community.

#3. One of the things that can’t be missed for an NFT project is an audit, it helps increase community trust and security. So have the project done any audit?

Laura C.: — Security is critical to us. We are testing our systems very carefully on both sides. Also, once we try them, we’ll have external audits.


Questions from Telegram

#1. What are the benefits of holding your token as a long-term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long run?

Laura C.: — The Unfettered is a product-based project that will constantly be developing and improving. We’re not only creating a play-to-earn project but also a game that will bring you an excellent gaming experience. Therefore this project doesn’t end at the moment of releasing the game. We’ll be working on making it better and better after launch. This means we’re be growing our community constantly and keeping the game’s hype.

#2. Which of these aspects is important to you as well as The Unfettered?:

  • Increasing token price and value
  • Developing an empowering platform
  • Building community trust.
  • Expanding partnerships globally.

Laura C.: — All of them are important. But for us, the most important is community trust. If we don’t have that, our project won’t succeed. Our project depends significantly on our community. That’s why we’re working to give them a unique experience.

#3. Is your project a community only for English-speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

Laura C.: — No, we have communities from different countries. We have been announcing those telegram groups through our Twitter account so everyone can be part of our community.




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