Who I Am

By Zach Litherland

I am the sun.

I am the moon.

I am not done,

Nor will I be anytime soon.

I shape my future.

I plan my life.

There will be good times,

Alongside large amounts of strife.

I will begin,

As quick as I will end.

But one thing that I am certain

Is that I won’t even bend.

I am me,

Wonderful me.

I can grow strong,

Or perhaps stay the man that is wee.

Outer appearance does not change

The man I really am.

I may seem strange,

But I don’t give a damn.

Who I turn into

Will decide who I am.

I could turn into a lion,

Or perhaps even the lamb.

But whoever I become,

I shall be me.

And because I am me,

I will always be happy.

I am the only one,

The one and only.

I decide when I am done,

You don’t choose for me.

So what I am trying to say

Is that no matter what you want,

Only I can portray

The man that is me.

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