6 Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

The advent of social media channels shows our divided attention

Undeniably, email marketing is enthroned today as the best form of investment, yielding higher ROI for any organization, if well thought, and adequately implemented.

Email marketing creates an environment for businesses to nurture leads, for which most of the times, are not ready to buy when they come across your product. Based on Pardot study, the nurtured leads, generally make 47 percent more sales than the non-nurtured ones.

Attracting the lead seems to be the easiest part of the game while getting them to buy from you, is the biggest deal. It then makes sense to design a strategy that will not only enable you to attract your target audience but, also nurture them through a series of emails that add value to your leads or alleviate their business pain.

Generally, built into an autoresponder, your email newsletter give you the opportunity to closely interact with your potential clients. Not only do you have access to your ideal client inbox, this is also a chance for you to continue providing value, and position yourself as their problem solver. This can be achieved through your educative nuggets and helpful offerings.

Your emails should be client-centric. After all, isn’t it true that, for you to be interesting to people, you need to first be interested in them? If you have been caught in the syndrome of pitching your product, anytime, you send a newsletter… there is a way out, and following these tips, will allow you make a 180-degree shift from it.

1. Your Email Marketing Software

The choice of your Email Service Provider (ESP) can set your email campaign tone. The platform flexibility and ease of use will aid your email marketing campaign strategy, in many ways.

Your email marketing campaign strategy will leverage the inbuilt analytics and email marketing automation features. Having a platform, that provides a comprehensive analytics of your campaign activities will give you more insights into your subscribers’ interests, and engagement level.

The email marketing software efficiency varies from one software to another; although many of them seek to provide the same outcome, however, their efficiency level deeply differs.

Take, for example, knowing those subscribers who have been reading your emails, will enable you further segment your list, and help you send offers they might likely take you on. In another level, a good email marketing automation setting can help you see the topics of interest to your audience; this will give you more ideas on how to better serve your leads.

The choice of your email marketing platform should also take into account, its ease of use, and integration with other software. For example, checking for compatibility with your CRM, as well as the ability for your staff to get a hang of it, as easier as possible. After all, you are not aiming to get another software that won’t be useful to your team.

The money is not in the list, but the leads quality. The more you nurture your list, the better your business revenue

Your Email Subject Line and its Design

Your email subject line is the starting point. If you are anything like me, you will agree that few people achieve inbox zero these days, and the opened emails are those ones with an interesting title. Knowing your audience will allow you make headlines that resonate with their needs. Catching your audience attention with a striking subject line, will enhance their curiosity and prompt them to open your email.

Also, it is important to have your subject line, aligned with its content. Many times, I have opened emails whose subject lines had nothing to do with the content. Don’t do that. This can only lead to losing your credibility and having your future emails ignored.

You might be reading this post from your mobile phone, like 67% of people, and adapting your email content for mobiles is one of those things you must check prior to sending your email. Omitting to adapt your content on mobile can make you lose sales because the interesting links or buttons can’t be seen.

3. Adding a Human Touch to your Email Newsletter

Despite sending your newsletter to thousands of subscribers on your list, never forget, they land into individual inboxes. What does this mean to you? It simply gives you the ability to hold a conversation with each one of your potential clients. Following these little tricks will allow you get closer to your target audience.

So many companies send their emails from a generic email address, thereby making their audience feels like another subscriber on the list. Sending your email from a personal account, signed with real name and surname, can get you closer to your subscribers.

Also, addressing your subscriber by their name, can boost your newsletter likability, don’t we all like that unique identity?

Earlier on, in your interaction level with your potential client, it is advisable to have a feel for their wants and needs. You can run short surveys, or fun feedback as Aweber devised theirs, to enable you to know what better resonates with them. Not everybody will respond, which is okay, but the beauty here is your ability to know who is really into you.

4. Planning your Emails Sends Frequency and Schedule

As mentioned earlier, giving value to your potential client, prior to having them buy your product is the best strategy ever. After all, aren’t all your competitors vying for their attention? The truth is, none of us like to be sold, but we all have needs and wants that need to be filled.

It is said, with the digital age, clients research on the average of 7 times prior to making a purchase. How do you remain present in their mind, while they evaluate the best vendor to purchase from? You can only do this, by offering them value and educating them on available solutions. The more you elaborate on their pain points and the available solutions within your niche, the closer you are from converting them into clients.

Offering value starts with your opt-in, commonly called, freebie; several times, I came across some freebies which were just too good to shy away from. But how great was I disappointed, upon going through it, because the promised value was not met? The trick is not only disappointing but could get you, droves of unsubscribes, worst of it, spams clicks.

Offering the said value is one of the first ethical tests, you might have to pass, for your ideal client to consider doing business with you. Come to think of it, the first impression being important, this clearly sets the bar for your delivery level. Likening this to my experience, after consuming many freebies from Ramit Sethi, I knew that, I could trust him and learn from him when I needed to enhance my copywriting skills. I eagerly waited for Call-To-Action doors to open, and I can say, the course is beyond my expectations.

To up your game, you will need to listen to their heartbeats, joking, but mildly stated, your communication should be mainly structured with your target audience in mind. Industry standards stipulate, the higher ticker it is, the more emails you should aim to send. Depending on your offer, the first 3 emails should be solely focused on adding value to your subscribers.

Your focus in your first three emails should be more about the known problems your target audience encounters the most. Needless to mention, you would have done your homework, to know your target audience. From discussing the issue to describing your solution, these stages will help you position yourself as their trusted adviser, and ultimately making you their chosen vendor whenever they are ready.

There is this sense of commonality we all have as humans, take advantage of it, by using your target audience known and common terms. It will pay you to dump the jargon or technical terms, which might be sending the exclusion signal. Structure your conversation in an informal tone, to elevate your organization into your target audience trusted circle.

While your campaign is promoting your sales, adding in a storyline, will be a great hook, and naturally, arouse the emotion of a need. Again, your story should be relatable to your ideal client.

The more value you provide to your target audience, the brighter your smile to the bank

Indeed, email marketing makes the channel dedicated where, your ideal client attention is solely focused on you, unlike other channels, where your feeds are competing with several others. I am not seeing the narrative changing anytime soon because email marketing will still be the king for a long time to come.

I am sure, this is just an iceberg of tips on good email marketing campaign, and I will like to know what tips you have used in increasing your audience engagement and sales.