A Little Forever

We said we were so perfect,
And that nothing could part us,
We said we would last forever,
Turns out, our little forever ends here.

From where I stand,
I see one dark truth,
What was once “we”,
has to become “you and me”.

I’ll miss you, and the spark in your eye,
I’ll miss us, the thought of parting makes me cry,
I show the world I’m strong, but inside I just try,
To not break down, to look at the good, look at the sky.

I’ll miss our little forever, I’ll miss our moments,
And oh, there exists no forever, everything has to go once, 
But our love, it is still there, staring like a ghost,
Will it die? Will it live? I don’t know.

How I wish love was simpler,
How I wish I hadn’t fallen,
How I wish I didn’t love you so much,
Now I do, and I can’t help it.

So I pray to god, to keep you happy, 
To keep you well, rid of woe,
Our little forever may end, 
But let it not trouble your soul.

And in the end,
one shall not forget.
you don’t kill the love,
love kills you.

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