You continue alone down the paved road,
A bit of chill, a bit of cold.
Your inner warmth,
Pushes against the frost outside,
Would it hold long enough though,
You ask your shivering mind.

You take a halt, to catch some breath,
You know you’re tired, you long for death.
All the lacerations you’ve suffered, 
The giant whiplash of fortune,
You may hate what happened too,
But the judgement… is not up to you!

The trees have given up their leaves,
Which lie there reddened, but once flourished green,
And the trees know the parting is inevitable,
And that the reddened leaves will be
Replaced by greener ones someday,
But the branches will never forget
The touch of the fallen, O look how they fret.

And they’ll move on in life,
Just the next spring,
But they’ll all look back in time,
With lachrymose eyes,
And the neonates will try and take their place
But the ones lost, will forever be missed, undisplaced.

Strange is the play of nature,
It beats, it hurts, it cheers, it stirs,
But in the end you miss the things you lose, 
What could be worse? You have no clue.
You look at it all now, and you know,
You can’t stop, you can’t lose, you gotta go.

You’ve seen it, and you know,
The snow that shines at you now,
Is going to snake down the drains
sooner than it knows, and oh 
you feel pity for the brilliant thing
which you know lives in false reassurements.

You’ve heard it before, and you know,
The silence around you is
going to be filled with noise
and chaos and chatter,
But the silence right now,
Will linger on in a fragment of the memory.

You’ve FELT it, and you know,
That the cold december is tough,
But christmas comes soon enough,
and when it does, the gloom will turn
into merry jingles that light up your life,
But you can’t help notice, the cuts don’t dry.

You’ve lived a life, and you know,
Death follows life, and forevers are ephemeral,
Tears follow joy, and there’s infinite transience, 
And you don’t feel the same about what you feel anymore,
And yet you try to run ahead, panting as you do,
But the hand of time sweeps you back to what you once knew.

All that abstractness you dwell in, 
And O the bubble you’ve made your home in, 
You snap out of it one day, and believe me,
the day always comes, it’s never late,
And you miss it, O the nostalgia, O the memories,
And they cling on to you, till the day of your decease.

In the moment of the snap,
In the moment of the BOOM!
Emotions become your biggest trap,
And you know not the right thing to do,
And people will tell you, they always will, 
But O you wish, it wasn’t as hard a blow thereuntil!

And in the end, you know,
You know it all, you know it too well,
We all relish the summers, and the springs, 
and their comfort, and their warm winds, 
But baby, we never will, maybe we never can,
forget the december, and the snowmans.

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