You And I

I don’t know why, 
every talk sounds like goodbye.
But the more I stay, 
the harder it gets to get away.

From where I stand,
There’s no turning back.
We’ve had so many moments,
and memories, I’ll never forget.

We’re a great team,
it’s pretty evident, it seems.
We’re really the best,
or as they say, the cutest?

I may make mistakes,
I may try and just run away,
Because I lose it sometimes, 
I burn and cry too, sometimes.

But deep inside I always pray, 
for you to stop me and heal my dismay,
and in that loving tone say to me,
how much I mean to you and you mean to me.

Guess we gonna have our disagreements,
but end of the day brings the biggest agreement,
We can’t deny what we are to each other,
In each other’s lives, we’re like no other.

I don’t know what we’ll become, 
or how long we will last,
but I make a conscious wish, 
that long, it lasts.

These long messages are the rafts,
of the rivers I feel, 
and the currents I shield -
the power of words I wield.

I really admire you,
and whatever we are,
you are, by far, 
the best thing that happened to me so far.

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