Product Hunt’s Rise

An Overnight Success 1,834 Days in the Making

Logarithmic-scale graph of Product Hunt’s Alexa Traffic Ranking
Open Hunt’s Lifetime Google Analytics Stats

1.) Target Influencers

2.) Indulge Early Adopters and Listen

The origin of Ryan’s use of “Thanks for sharing”
Sample search of “Thanks for sharing” tweets from Ryan
The “strike”
The first public announcement of Product Hunt (Email Beta version)

3.) Make it Useful w/o Users

Snippet from Ryan’s Hacker News Article Submissions

4.) Create Exclusivity, Scarcity, Urgency

One of’s oldest captures of Product Hunt (2013)
Earliest Internet Archive Captures of Product Hunt:*/
Courtesy of

5.) Give Users Tools to Evangelize

The list goes on…

6.) Seed Content and Communities

Product Hunt Email Notification Settings


Ryan puts it best here: “The term ‘startup’ is deceiving. Successful companies don’t start up overnight; they are founded upon years of experience and help from others that must be earned.”

  1. Grew his network of community-specific influencers using Startup Edition, his “excuse” to form a relationship with many varied influencers.
  2. Tripled his audience over the course of the 9 months prior launching Product Hunt by authentically engaging with his readers on Twitter.
  3. Earned critical early engagement in Product Hunt with an email-only beta he built himself. Enough to get a programmer excited to join him.
  4. Cultivated the early seeds of his community through high-touch interactions with community members and an invite-only system.
  5. Facilitated continued growth through deep Twitter integration and high-touch interactions with community makers via follow-up blog posts
  6. Streamlined further scaling through Twitter auto-follows and a habit-forming product design based on his expertise in habit formation



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