May Docker End Quickly

Docker was never great except in funding raised. There have always been better tools for “containers” that actually made an effort at isolation and validation, and not just raising more money to play with Google’s latest take on the best 1969 had to offer by adding an extra return value to ignore and basically a pthread wrapper with all of the same problems and none of the solutions. But hey it compiles fast and sometimes gives you a compile error so Type safety right?

Nothing has ever brought together so much hype and hyperbole in one organization of terrible engineers using worse tools to captivate every young developer into the belief that mashing up a bunch of packages and uploading it to a registry somehow is “reproducible”.

It’s the same ethos which keeps Android from being serious. Basically ship a bunch of binaries specific to a hardware and carrier and try not to think about what happens when there’s a critical design flaw (like no configuration management) and you now have a few billion zombies you can’t do anything about.

End quickly so we can get back to actually running systems that work and writing code that’s both solid and maintainable from the first release instead of moribund to the bitter end.

You will not be missed.