Flight of Grey Wolf

Did Adolf Hitler escape to Argentina after WW2?
Portait of Adolf Hitler
Hitler’s death is reported in newspapers around the world.
Hitler and his future wife Eva Braun

Evidence for

#1 The bodies

Nobody at the Führerbunker saw Hitler shoot himself, and there are no photographs of his corpse.

The Russians later claimed to have found Hitler’s charred body in this garden.
The bone fragments held by the Russians were not from Hitler

#2 Allied intelligence

The allied forces secretly doubted Hitler had committed suicide. Even before the war ended American intelligence were preparing for Hitler’s escape.

The OSS anticipated Htler’s escape
Claims emerged that Hitler was flown out of Germany to Denmark

#3 Nazi ratlines

Some evidence from other fugitive Nazis supports the idea that Hitler may have escaped to Argentina.

Adolf Eichmann escaped to Argentina

Evidence against

#1 Eyewitnesses in the bunker

There are eyewitness accounts from inside Hitler’s bunker that attest to his suicide there.

Eyewitnesses in the bunker say Hitler was determined not to be taken alive

#2 Hitler’s teeth

Although not reported for many years, the Russians now confirm they performed an autopsy on Hitler’s remains in 1945 and confirmed them to be Hitler.

#3 Cold war paranoia

Many historians account for the inconsistencies in the accounts of Hitler’s death and the recovery of his body to cold war secrecy and paranoia.

Russian propaganda about Hitler’s demise

#4 Hitler’s health

Those who saw Hitler in the months up until his alleged death were shocked at his physical and mental deterioration.

The trashed bunker where Hitler spent his grim final days



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