Looking Back at the 2017 NBA Draft (10 Years From Now)

The year is 2027. The Philadelphia 76ers just defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves again in the NBA Finals, and it is draft time. Looking at the Class of 2027, you would say it compares well in terms of talent to the Class of 2017, and it gets you thinking: who turned out to be the greatest player of that draft?

There have been some incredible talents that have developed, matured, and dominated the league from the Class of 2017, but who is the undisputed winner?

With Markelle Fultz on the 76ers, Lonzo Ball with the Lake Show, and Jayson Tatum tearing it up in Boston after all these years, it is a tough call. But there is a clear choice.

How did so many teams miss on him? How did he slip all the way to 7th in the draft that year? He was a freak physically, with more upside than anyone.

A now league MVP, it is clear that the best player from the 2017 NBA Draft was Jonathan Isaac for the Minnesota Timberwolves. No one saw it coming! But how did they overlook that talent?

Lonzo came in as a close second placer, having won an MVP of his own. The Lakers just haven’t managed to get over the hump of winning a chip yet, whereas Isaac’s Timberwolves have won 2 and been to 4 in the past 10 years.

This goes to show you, the Draft is unpredictable in every way!

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