A few simple tips to safely enjoy the outdoors and minimize the spread of Covid-19.

photo by Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Being outside. In the open air. Surrounded by nature. It’s a healing salve. It’s where we unwind. It eases our minds. Gives us spaciousness. Reminds us that life is constantly changing and transforming. That life renews even when forced to go dormant for a while. There is so much that nature can offer us and teach us in these uncertain times. It is needed and necessary and yet we have to engage with it and each other differently right now. With greater consciousness and awareness…

Self-care is so much more than pampering.

photo by Jen Ammenti

Every year, the 26th of December is reserved for a spa day with my two oldest girlfriends. What originally began as facials has morphed into a typically luxurious day at a spa or bathhouse. Each year we try a new spot. This year we chose Archimedes Banya in San Francisco and signed up for the deluxe package, offering access to the bathhouse, a therapeutic steam treatment, a hammam (a body wash and scrub), and your choice of a 30-min facial or massage. Descriptions online were brief, but it sounded lovely, so why not?!

Jen Ammenti

Unwind. Unravel. Unfurl. Find new paths forward. Life and Career Coach. Retreats and Workshops for personal transformation. https://www.theunwoundmind.com/

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