We recently spoke with Elizabeth Rosner, who authored a new book that we feel is nothing short of a masterpiece, “Survivor Cafe.” You can find it here. Rosner and her book have been featured on NPR, in an incredible “All Things Considered” interview , as well as by The New York Times, and others.

Rosner’s work breaks genre-induced boundaries, mixing poetry, stories of her own life and her parents’ lives in relation to their experiences in the Holocaust, and original research that spans topics like the inadequacy of language in describing historical trauma and the way that trauma can actually…

When you say that, you tip the gasoline can a little further onto a fire that very few people care to control.

Does that sound inflammatory? Incendiary, maybe? What if I told you that every woman I know has experienced harassment, and sometimes worse, in professional or academic settings? Your daughter, your sister, your wife, your mother — they will deal with this, whether they choose to discuss it with you, or not.

Susan Fowler spoke out against harassment culture at Uber. Image from www.susanjfowler.com

The stars of the show are usually the victim and the perpetrator. But what about everyone else? What about the people we’ve all been, at some point, who say this kind of stuff:

It’s not my problem.

I don’t want it to affect my relationship with _____.

You worked…

Kamala Harris questions AG Jeff Sessions on June 13, 2017. Source LA Times Youtube

We want you to know that we’ve noticed that you’re standing up for us all.
We’ve noticed, too, that you were more composed than most of the other members of the committee today. Several of them, understandably, raised their voices in frustration over Sessions’ legally and logically inexplicable stonewalling. You did not. However, you were the one reprimanded, yet again. You were the one who Sessions said made him “uncomfortable.”

We notice that you continue to stand up for us, and continue to be a patriot dedicated to uncovering truth and fact — and we notice that you do so in spite of the fact that you are treated unfairly, and differently.

Thank you for standing up for all of us.

We’ve been in awe of Sarah Kasbeer for a while. It’s not just her impressive journalistic resume — her work appears in Elle, VICE, Salon, Jezebel, the Hairpin, and elsewhere. It’s that to us, she epitomizes an Upstander. She writes fearlessly about both her own experiences and more global problems that we all face in the arenas of misogyny and violence. Sarah unapologetically speaks up, while remaining unfailingly empathetic and unflinchingly introspective.

Sarah was raped shortly after she graduated from college, an experience that she discusses in a number of essays. You can follow her work on Medium here.

Writer & Upstander Sarah Kasbeer


Our founder, Suzanne Brogger, stands up through her advocacy work with The Bystander Project.

She shared her story for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

This post originally appears here.

This is how I dare . . .

The words are so common: “How dare you accuse your father, your
priest, your coach, your friend, your mother . . .?”

As a young girl and into my teen years my stepfather and my biological
father sexually abused my older sister and me. I know intimately how the
overwhelming majority of sexual abuse happens — at the hands of family
members, teachers, coaches, trusted friends and acquaintances. The
abuse does not have to be violent or…

The Upstander Project

Helping people find — and stand up for — the ways they love to do good in the world.

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