Going Full Developer: I Got GitHub!

This product’s goal is to be a showcase for my technical skills. Like a muscle car, it needs to have that glossy UX sheen while being beautiful under the hood. It also needs to be accessible and scalable so it can grow under control.

As part of my experiment, I am going full method actor into embracing the Developer role and doing it all on GitHub!

A few tutorials and downloads later, please give a warm welcome to theUrbanForrest/12weeksToLaunch:

Before this, I imagined GitHub as some 4chan style community with a few moderators who patrol the forums. I did not know it was a one-stop productivity shop for #codeLife.

Branching, Pulling, Reviewing, Merging — it’s a beautiful thing we outsiders don’t appreciate.

I’ve looked at many a GitHub code block with Devs trying to troubleshoot analytics tags. That’s like backseat driving. Setting up your own repo and uploading your own code is like getting behind the wheel for the first time. Exhilirating, even if you are just driving down the street.

Workflow aside, the GitHub UX is exactly like Facebook and Instagram — it’s so easy to put ideas into concrete action with exploring and forking that I can’t put it down.

Hopefully I don’t get too entrenched in my role that I forget my Business origins.

Or maybe not :)


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