Going Live

My paying job’s workload has spiked up in the past few weeks in anticipation of the trifecta: Baseball Opening Day, Fox Sports Go Launch, and HBO Launch. Busy is an understatement.

Amidst it all, teaming up with @patterngrams to keep pushing ourselves has been the greatest thing about this project. We still carve out our weekly lunch check-ins which get me back on track to stay focused.

Without this, I would not be attempting to stand up my website live.

The original intent was to just build Google Tag Manager + Analytics onto a local build. It appears that’s not possible. My front-end work is humming along so it’s time to shift the focus to back-end and get this thing hosted on a LIVE web server.

Queue the scary music.

For educational purposes, I am going to go from scratch: set up a server, buy my domain, and link up everything. By @patterngrams recommendation from her mentors, I’m standing up an Ubuntu 15.10 x64 via DigitalOcean. Twenty minutes later, urbanforrest.co has been bought.

Their slick UX was the ultimate deciding factor for me — isn’t that crazy? It’s a testament to how a beautiful design and an easy user experience are selling points in themselves, regardless of the product.

Commitment for the next Coding Club (T 3/29): Buy a domain, get 12WeeksToLaunch onto a QA environment, and finally hook up GTM and GA.

commits: 23// pull requests merged: 7


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