Hating On The People In Your Industry Who Are Doing Better Than You …
Vin Clancy

Well done!

To me from my years as a pianist who rehearsed most of the time in a *drumming* studio, bc:

1) keyboard people (takes one to know one) are the most secretive selfish players. We hide our finger moves! Bad boring much more competition than in the courtroom (I’m an attorney unlike president 44 & wife have *been* a licensed member of the bar/ the difference between a lawyer an attorney is simply: did ya pass the bar exam? Did the Character Committee vet you, grill you and allow you to swear an oath on the Constitution of the United States as an officer of the court? For whatever reason, both 44s “resigned” their bar status, to say, the *disbarred themselves*/ just something to think about the next time someone tells you what their bar status is. The NEW YORK pass rate is 60%, only 50% for 1st time takers- the one I failed once then passed, JFK JR failed twice then passed — I imagine his social life was just a little more dense than mine. A tiny bit;

2) same studio, practicing that which IS HARD WORK BE WE MUSICIANS: use of independence of limbs. Personally, I loved carter beauford and Chester Thompson of genesis style of drumming SO much that hacking around on drums was a great hobby from law and being a “composer in residence” — trust me, the title alone took my creativity from fluid to frozen! I got recognized to a point better than I could write. I thought.

In summary sir, I agree 100% with your DO NOT DISS WE LOSERS OUT THERE TRYING OUR ASSES OFF! Least we playing!

Every time I wrote a brand new piece I had no choice but to hand the sheet music over to 24 and thus all people. I KNEW not to look around after my playing/usu in an accompanying role, my own melodies as well, bc like any other decent performance, 1/2 try to get into it, they take free sheet music home, and half are pure “when the hell do I get to go home and relax? This SUCKS!” That is life in the BIZ, it’s all one huge BIZ. Variety (c) came every day at 0315 hundred hours, all Q ratings updated!

Bottom line, if you are in the biz in any way from a toothpaste ad to bring a fill in drummer at The Lion King on Broadway- like, talking, 47th street REAL musicians, singers, actors, artists of every beautiful kind💙🤘🏽❤️

Andy Schneider, attorney (1991-subarachnoid — brain stem, usual death blow, aneurysm- learning to reintegrate- apologies (!!!) for my meanderings. Redp

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