Your Safety Pins Are Not Enough.
Lara Witt

Lara Witt — I am a big believer in intersectionality. And due to my privilege, people see a white lady. So when I say I fit into several vulnerable groups, I don’t fit into the PoC group. I am white. But I feel the pain when people put on a pin or don’t hear my critique of the pin fad. I shared your words here to encourage people to focus on actions, and I was jumped on (by white cishet women) for being “destructively negative” to young activists by echoing what vulnerable groups say about this fad. Another LGBTQ person and I described how it rings hollow to us, how black women see it like wind in the trees. White people don’t like hearing that it’s late in the game for symbolism. I’m sorry to tell my friends, there is no easy fix.

So Lara, I’m sorry if anyone has made you feel like your voice doesn’t matter. I hear you, I support you, I empathize with you. Thank you for compiling this list.