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Football is certainly the most popular sports and a larger number of people in the world have a passion for this sport. But do you know the list of the most passionate countries for football?


If anyone has ever come to Brazil once, they will see that Brazilians have such a burning passion for football. Brazilians always consider football a religion, and religion is inviolable.

Brazil has become the champions in the World Cup 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002, and perhaps many football fans in the world wish to come to Brazil at those historic moments to witness Brazilian people’s love for football.

Brazilian people celebrated when their team obtained the gold medal in the 2016 Olympic


In July 2014, when the German reached a glorious peak in the World Cup, the joy of the German people spread all over the world. Returning to their homeland after winning the world championship in Brazil, the members of the German national football team were warmly welcomed as heroes.

In Germany, they always drink beer when watching football and it has become a cultural beauty. Before the match, almost supporters hold a beer in their hand, whether they are male or female.

We can consider beer and football some of the German cultural beauty.

German football team


Parades and celebrations are always an indispensable part of Spain’s football festival. When the home team won the World Cup, tens of thousands of fans joined in a flow; they danced, cheered and showed their passion for football.

Spain national football team has always been in the Top 20 on the FIFA rankings. The large stadium with a capacity of 100,000,000 seats always occupied, together with the fans’ cheering sound, is enough to confirm how passionate the Spanish people are for football.

Spanish football fans


The England national football team has not won the championship for many years, but that doesn’t stop English fans to cheer for their team in every tournament. The attraction from the matches of the Premier League has never cooled down, which is a clear proof for the love for football of English people.

Let’s see how the English cheered to know how much they loved football. After decorating the stadium with the national flag, and singing the national anthem song Rule Britannia, all the fans will scream and cheer for their team.

A stadium in England


Vietnam is a small country in the world and has not had much success in the international tournaments but the love for football of Vietnamese people always makes other countries admire.

The most recent victory of U23 Vietnam seems to be enough to express all the enthusiasm for football of over 90 million Vietnamese people. Many world fans were overwhelmed by the magnificent celebration of the day U23 Vietnam won the runner-up position.

They welcomed the players back to the county like heroes. Vietnamese people always feel proud of their team when they win in any football matches.

“The fire pan” My Dinh in the final of U23 Vietnam


In Italy, the love for football has become the most powerful factor of national unity. For Italians, their Sunday begins by going to church, followed by having lunch with the family. And then they will go to the stadium or sitting at the house to watch the football match.

Italy is a country which has many world famous football team like AS Roma, Inter Milan, Juventus, etc. The day when Italy won the World Cup was considered the biggest festival in the whole country. All people, regardless of their races, religions, and genders flocked to the streets to celebrate their team.

Italian club Juventus


In Argentina, football is not only a sport, but it is also a part of life, like the air they breathe and the food they eat. For all men in this country, there are three most important things in their lives: women, food, and football.

But in the days of football matches, this order is changed a little: football, food, and women. Argentina children play football when they are very young. Competitions can take place anywhere and anytime like outside the squares, on the streets or in the schoolyards.

This is also a country that has contributed many talents to the world football field such as Lionel Messi, Andrés D’Alessandro Nicolás, Arnaldo Ariel Ortega, …

Argentina national football team


Looking back on the achievements that France national football team has achieved over the years, we can confirm that football is an indispensable part in the life of the people here. To celebrate the victories, the fans will sing all the way back from the stadium, as a way to express their happiness.

It could be the club’s song, or it could be just chanting the best player names of the match. Perhaps we have not forgotten the moment when Paris Saint-Germain won the battle against Chelsea in February 2016. People talked passionately about football in pubs, coffee shops, in streets.

For the first time in many years, the roads leading to the Prince’s Park were so crowded. Indeed, football has made unprecedented things in the history of this magnificent city.

PSG celebrates the championship


Although in Japan baseball is preferred over football, but since 1993, Japanese people have begun to invest in clubs, talented coaches and famous soccer stars. This made football become more popular, leading to a rapid development of this sport.

After every wins, the celebration party held by Japanese fans is indispensable. At the stadium in Saitama, about 4,000 fans danced overnight. In the Shibuya district at the heart of Tokyo, some fans expressed their joy by climbing on the electric pole to cheer when Japan national football team could continue in the first round of the 2010 World Cup.

The Japanese fans picked up all small pieces of trash in the Arena Pernambuco stadium in Recife at the 2014 World Cup, making the whole world admire.

Japanese players


China is the origin of football, and Chinese people have a passionate love for “the king of sports”. This love is expressed through A detailed plan with 50 major highlights made by President Xi Jinping. It entitled “Chinese Football Development and Reform Program”, which included specific investment projects and objectives to show their love for football.

As the most populous country in the world, Chinese people always occupies a very high proportion in the community of football fans. The Chinese national football league is growing and the love of football fans is getting bigger every year.

Chinese fans in the first round of the 2018 World Cup against Uzbekistan on Wuhan Stadium, August 31, 2017.

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