It’s hard not getting what you want

We all struggle with this

Wants and needs make up a person’s life. Most people, including yourself, are able to meet their basic needs: food, water, oxygen, shelter and so on. However, do you get everything you want?

The answer is most probably no.

And if the answer is not a no, well, leave this page right now because your life is already set.

You will not always receive what you want. That is not how the world has ever worked, works, or will work. Wants are wants for a reason. They aren’t necessary something you want is not necessarily yours. There may easily be objection.

The point of all this does not lie in the fact that you will not get everything you want. The point is reacting graciously when you do not get it.

I fail at this.

When I want something, I WANT it. Not receiving it may leave me angry or sad, especially if a promise was linked to it or I was really looking forward to receiving it.

Nevertheless, I get over it but sometimes not in the best way. I am learning though. I accept things better now and let myself get over it without taking out the sadness or anger.

Life will not always give you lemons to make lemonade. And well, you just have to go with that.

For anyone that has been following me through the March Break, you know this article was actually meant to be big but I could not make it as big as I had hoped to due to a lack of time and incessant procrastination. Nonetheless, quality over quantity is the winner here. I really just wanted to write about this topic so here it is for you guys.

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