“Mac OS X is better than Windows”

Well, is it really?

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Everyone always tell me that Windows is, and I quote, “shit.” But, why are you saying that though? This is where their uneducated arguments start:

  • Visual Design
  • Security
  • Performance
  • User Experience

This is where I question if Mac OS X truly is better at all these things. And, my answer to this is a solid no. I will not object if your preference is simply Mac OS X; however, when people say OS X is better because of these reasons, it really grinds my gears. I am a hardcore Windows user and always have been. I see the flaws that Windows has, but OS X is certainly not perfect either. Windows and OS X are both great operating software but one is not necessarily better than the other.

So, people, stop saying that Mac OSX is better than Windows!

Visual Design

The design of OS X is so minimalistic and nice.

OS X is often defined by its great design that is far superior to Windows. The argument that people have to defend this point is its simplicity. It is absolutely very minimal; I will not deny that. Mac OS X is designed beautifully and is very appealing to the eyes of its user.

Windows is often hated on for its design and if you argued this about 2 years ago, I would let you get away with it. However, after the release of Windows 10, you are going to find it hard to say that the design is far superior.

Windows 10 has brought the perfect combination of the Metro (Windows 8) design and the classic Windows design from Windows XP and Windows 7 in a minimalistic package. The taskbar is beautifully constructed and quite customizable. Most of the system revolves around a very friendly interface that is very intuitive. It is very hard for me to agree that Mac OS X looks better because both systems look beautiful in their own respective manner. The choice of design is also very objective, so I expect that people be split between OS X and Windows. Both designs have something visually pleasing and something fresh to offer you.


It’s almost impossible to get a virus on Mac, whereas Windows is a mess guaranteed to get one.

Mac OS X has always been great at protecting your laptop from viruses. Windows, on the other hand, has had a history of being subpar at protecting your machine from viruses. Over time, however, Windows has gotten a lot better. It is actually very strong at this point with Windows 10. I have used my old Dell Inspiron 15R SE for three years with no incident of getting a virus. My subscription to McAfee was very much useless on that laptop. My parents recently bought me a Dell XPS 15. I’ve used it for a month now without any antivirus security applications and plan to keep it that way. There is a very low chance that I will get a virus.

I would also like to point out that those who use a Windows machine tend to be those who torrent more heavily. Not only is torrenting illegal, it just adds to the odds that you might just end up with a virus. If you choose to torrent software or whatnot, you have to understand, regardless of Windows or Mac OS X, you have opened yourself up to an array of threats. That can only be pointed towards you; not the OS. Mac may provide one with a lesser chance of getting a virus while torrenting, but the security of your device will be strong when you use it appropriately.

Windows has the statistical disadvantage because there are just simply more people that use Windows over Mac OS. Since there are more people that use the system it is obviously going to be more prone to attacks. — Thanks, Oscar


Macs are so much faster than this trashy Windows PC that I have.

This is the one that probably frustrates me the most. When someone comments on how much slower Windows is than Mac, I am finding it hard to resist from getting enraged by such a poorly backed claim.

As I am a student in the High School IBT program, it is mandatory for one to have a laptop for use. Most parents like to go quite price efficient for a Windows laptop. And, others go for the significantly more expensive Mac. The point that really bothers me now is when they compare a less than thousand dollar Windows machine with a machine running Mac OSX that costs over even two thousand dollars. That is simply ridiculous. The price difference should be a given that the MacBook should be perform better. People become ignorant to the fact that if you paid that much for a Windows laptop, that laptop would perform very similarly to the MacBook.

I am the user of the Dell XPS 15, which is a pretty hefty-priced Windows laptop for the specifications it have. My laptop performs as well as the comparable MacBook Pro 15" model. People forget that the two products must be purchased at a similar price to be compared. If you cannot compare a house with a mansion, then, why are you doing it here?

User Experience (The Small Things That Make an OS Better)

Mac OSX is so much smoother than the clunky and slow Windows.

The experience of the user is very important when judging any product. The experience should be pleasing to the user, making their life easier in a manner that is simple. Performance often effects user experience but that point was already regarded previously. You get what you pay for!

Here, I want to talk about the small things that make each OS a viable option.

Mac OSX:

  • Multiple Desktops
  • Large Software Base for Tech
  • Good Connection with iOS and other Apple products
  • Trackpad Gestures are Superior
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is Quite A Bit Better
  • Some Apps in the Mac App Store are Very Good for Those Who Do Creative Work


  • Multiple Desktops
  • Touch Compatibility
  • Gaming Performance
  • Microsoft Office is Far Superior
  • Connection with Windows Phones (Android Phones Coming Soon)
  • Windows 10 Apps are Getting Good (The Built-In Ones and the Ones Available in the Windows Store)
  • Cortana

Let’s Conclude

This post is not geared towards hating on Mac OS X; it is meant to give credibility and strength to those who use Windows. Choosing between an OS should honestly be about personal preference. As of right now, people base their OS decisions on very false grounds, and I’d just like to educate them. Windows is awesome and so is OS X. It is your choice to make on what you want.

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