Basic Facts about Comp Bottle Service for Girls in Vegas “Girl Comps”

The promoter asked us for our group picture & if we get “approved” we can have our own table and a free bottle! Send me all your best pictures, I’ll make a collage.

Everyone seems to have their own ideas about how these work, so we’ll do a simple breakdown for you:

1. Six Girls Per Bottle

Just use this as a general rule of thumb for how many girls you need to attain a comp (complimentary) bottle. The Gods of Bottle Service came down one day & assigned this as the magic number of girls that would be suitable to reward with a comp bottle. There are lots of exceptions, and there is no LAW dictating what the actual number is, but this is coming from years of experience and seeing it first hand. 6 girls at a table is a good fit. Most smaller tables in the venue hold only 6–8 comfortably anyways, anything less and it just looks desperate for the club while the girls look like alcoholics and rest assured most girls will be HAMMERED after they finish their bottle if they have a small number of girls at the table. And drunk disheveled girls with their shoes flailing in their fingers is not a good look for any club.
So using 6 as a guideline, if you bring in 12, more than likely you will get a 2nd bottle. 18…you get the idea.

Take away: The clubs are trying to create a look (we’ll get more into this little further down) so bring in a good number of girls that will be a good fit for their smaller tables the club is trying to fill in while the club gets busy. Don’t come with 3 girls and ask for a bottle.

2. Tipping

Yes. You need to tip.
Do you know what cocktail servers talk about when they go in the back and punch in their orders and collect the bottles they need?

how cheap everyone is

how annoying everyone is

what they hate about the table they are working on

A group of girls that are sitting down for a comp bottle who don’t tip? They fall into all 3 categories.AKA The Worst Type Of Customers A Server Would Want.What’s a good amount you ask?Typically a bottle would be $500 — $600, the auto grat is usually 20%, so 20% of $600 would be $120. $120 divided by 6 = 1 Mr.Jackson per girl. It’s not a lot ladies. Cough it up.
Take away: don’t be cheap.

3. Your Comp Table Is Not Yours

To get back to what we were saying on №1: the clubs are trying to create a look & an ambiance by giving away free bottles to bring in groups of girls who will sit at their empty tables & make the club look busy. Not just busy, but filled with girls. Why?So that when actual SPENDING customers arrive (usually around midnight) they arrive to a club filled with drunk girls. Perfect.
Now, whats the natural progression here? That’s right! The comp bottles are done for, the girls want to continue drinking, so why not combine the girls with spending customers who want girls at their table? Voila.
That’s the fundamental reason for the existence of comp bottles for girls.
What happens when girls don’t want to play along & just want to sit at their comp table the whole night?Some groups, due to how slow a venue might be, get away with it. There might be no customers who need girls, there isn’t enough demand for paying bottle service, so it’s more beneficial to the club by keeping the girls at the table: makes the club look busier.
Most groups however are asked politely (in most cases its, “you guys need to get your stuff and leave the table”) to gather their belongings and join the general admission mill, because someone has purchased their table & your time of pretending to be VIP is over.
When this happens, confusion breaks out:

This is our table!

Um…why do we need to leave?

Can you have our promoter come here?
Why are you taking away our bottle!??!

We were told we have this the whole night, it’s my friends bachelorette!!!
whoever is kicking you off the table gives absolutely zero F**KS, it’s time for you to pack up your stuff and get out. Ok, that was rude. But in all honesty, you shouldn’t be getting mad at the host or security who is asking you to leave the table. It’s your promoter or host who failed to mention the fundamentals of how a Girl Comp Table works.Why would a club have a table filled with a girl comp group who isn’t spending any money, when they can flip it to a group of dudes that will spend $1500-$2000 for it? There you go. It’s not personal, it’s business.The busier the club, the higher the chance that your girl comp table will be bumped. How busy the venue is also dictates how fast you will be bumped. For a big time DJ, you will be lucky if you keep the comp table for more than an hour.Take away: You don’t own the real estate, you are just renting. Owner’s discretion.

Source : Bottle Service for Girls in Vegas