How Sparkeey Is Championing Digital Equality and Environmental Positivity

3 min readMay 21, 2024
Sparkeey, approved to use

Sparkeey, the innovative mobile calendar app created by former investment banker Asha Nico Venkataramani, is shaking up the world of digital scheduling with its sleek, pop culture meets behavior logic-inspired design. Made for Generations Alpha and Z, Sparkeey brings in a refreshing innovation to the dated aesthetics of traditional office suite calendars.

A Calendar for the TikTok Generation

Unlike Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar, Sparkeey brings a fresh, vibrant aesthetic to office suites. Its intuitive user experience and sleek interface made it a hit among young professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital natives who appreciate simplicity and style in keeping with their hybrid work lives..

“Sparkeey is the calendar you want on your smartphone if you use TikTok or snapchat and Instagram,” says Asha Nico. “It’s a crossover product that seamlessly integrates into our personal and professional lives, much like Apple’s iconic designs.”

The app’s branding strategy, developed at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival in 2023, in an inpromptu salon held over diet coke and water between a group of marketing strangers resulted in its reinforced positioning as a behaviour-driven tool catering to success traits and hybrid social life requirements. Its popularity among creatives, fashionistas, and academics testifies to its universal appeal.

Tackling Global Challenges through Innovative Design

Sparkeey is more than just a pretty interface just like its Founder; it is an impact product that simultaneously addresses 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its energy-efficient, environmentally positive design encourages productivity and efficiency while promoting digital equality. “I wanted to create a tool that makes scheduling effortless and contributes to a better world,” affirms Asha Nico

The app’s focus on positive wellness and stress reduction also sets it apart from its anxiety-inducing competitors. Sparkeey’s approach to a healthy work-life balance is well-informed, thanks to Asha Nico’s background in investment banking and passion for sports and fitness not to mention her dabbling in behaviour studies. Nico has workshopped the Impact angles of Sparkeey with academics in forums like London School of Economics (Public policy for behaviour groups), Cebex Behaviour conference in Prague (supported by the New York University) .

Ready for Global Domination

Since its recent London debut, Sparkeey has garnered impressive traction, ranking highly on the UK App Store. The app’s success has spurred ambitious expansion plans for 2024.

Early user polling indicates that Sparkeey will become the go-to calendar for business meetings and social events among next-gen demographics. Asha Nico projects that “70% of European startups” will use Sparkeey by 2025.

As Sparkeey grows, Asha Nico remains committed to its core values while continuously developing its features. “We’re excited about integrating new collaborations and ideas, making Sparkeey even more versatile and user-friendly,” she shares. “ My tech team currently is working from the trenches in Ukraine and it feels awesome to create an opportunity for them to work on something good in distressing times”

Asha Nico’s journey from investment banking to tech innovation demonstrates her creative vision. With Sparkeey, she has redefined how digital tools can align with modern lifestyles. It is clear that Sparkeey is more than just a calendar — it’s a cultural icon in the making.




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