Performance Analysis: Tools or Skills? A response to TheVideoAnalyst
Darrell Cobner

A Response to the Response

Thanks Darrell for your article. Obviously a great deal of work went into it.

My question was probably aimed more towards the amateur/beginner analyst than the professional. I think it is perfectly normal and healthy for professionals to discuss tools. As technology and processes change it is important that those involved in the field everyday are open to new technology and new ways of doing things.

Unfortunately I see it all too often (especially in academia) where products are put forward as the answer to a performance analysis problem without any knowledge or questioning of the situation. The answer to ‘how do I start in PA’ is all too often; ‘buy product X’.

The starting point for too many organisations is to pick a piece of technology rather than to start with the problem/ question they are tyring to answer.

You gave the analogy of the Stig which is a good one — but you could take almost any situation from all walks of life and come to the same conclusion. Better products help professionals do their job better but great products will almost never make up for a lack of skill.

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