Work experience at 8th Light — Day 2

  • First, we were explained the tasks for the day, which was to develop some of the python skills we will be using later on in our ‘hangman’ project and to start working on the project itself.
  • We did some work on code academy (most of which I’ve already done but Tosin hasn’t ;we went through it anyway to refresh our memory) until lunchtime.
  • Later, we started working on the project. We wrote on sublime and tested on Terminal.
  • We started off by making a list of things that we needed to happen in the game. These included: generating a word, asking for a letter, checking if the letter is in word etc.
  • One of the many new things I learnt in python is classes. As once Albert Einstein said : If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it…”. So I’m going to give this a go: A class is something that defines the characteristics that defines any object of the class; for an example a human is a class but every human is different by their individual characteristics. In our case it was the ‘word’ that made each ‘game’ unique.
  • After making the list of things that we needed to do, we chose the 3 initial steps and decided to focus mainly on those for the rest of the day. These were : 1)Creating the word and making it with underscores. 2) Getting input from user and printing it. 3)Checking if the letter entered is in the word and returning True or False.
  • We both got pretty confused around point 3 and in several other steps along the way, but we managed to work through them with some help.
  • One of the biggest ‘error situations’ (that’s what I call them for now) that we encountered was when iterating a string . This taught us how trial and error is a major part of software developing (we spent ages figuring out what went wrong as the code on its own works alright, but when put together it made no sense)This also made us think of different possible or alternate ways of doing the same thing but without the ‘error’.
  • Overall, I learnt a lot of new things-especially in python- and I’m looking forward to continuing with our project tomorrow.
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