Walmart solves the drone issues for robust and reliable delivery

From delivery products to pet monitoring, big companies are using drone of many purposes after recognizing its potential. Deliver products in one’s doorstep is one of them.

While Amazon is trying to make drone delivery a cake walk, many companies are solving drone issue to make drone delivery a success. Wal-Mart has also been experimenting drones for delivery purpose.

Last week, I’ve got three patent applications of Wal-Mart revealing solutions of some common issues of drone delivery. The three patents of Wal-Mart solve different aspects of drone delivery which is given below:

1. Launching the drone for delivery purpose

2. Method of delivering products

3. Package release after reaching the destination

Wal-Mart Drone

These are the common issues which Wal-Mart solves through its patents. But there are many problems in drone delivery, such as accurate location finding, difficulty in bad weather, payload problems etc. Amazon had already filed a patent application to solve payload problem. But maybe it is still be a challenge for Wal-Mart.

For now, we could say that Wal-Mart is ready for drone delivery. Also last week, we saw that Wal-Mart will use these drones as an in-store carrier to bring stuffs from stores which is also a good example of using drones by different industries.

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