5 Facts that Prove My Baby is a Cat

I love cats. No, let me put it this way: I LOOOVE cats! Unfortunately, though, I am highly allergic to them. But a year ago the Universe finally presented me with the hypoallergenic cat I deserve — my son Marcus. He is as lovable and huggable as any other cat, just like he’s as mischievous as any of them. I usually call my baby boy Cat or Kitten (or Macooka, but that’s a whole different story) and there’s a reason for that. Well, actually 5 reasons.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

He doesn’t like to be held or kissed

It is he who decides if you can hold him, not you. Sometimes, when I want to cuddle, I’ll sweep him off the floor when he’s passing by, and he’s never fond of it. He’ll babble something angrily, start crying or just push my hands away. It’s also hard to kiss him since he won’t let you unless he’s in the mood. Very rarely though he may come to sit on my lap but that usually means he wants something from me. Like if he’s hungry, he won’t let go of me, won’t let me put him on the ground or someone else to take him.

He sleeps in bizarre positions

The older he gets, the stranger the poses. When he was a baby, I usually found him sleeping with his eyes and mouth a bit open. Now that he’s mastered twisting and turning all night long, his favorite sleeping position is “the Bear:” laying on his tummy with his but upright. Does it look comfortable to you?

He loves boxes

This is a universal cat thing: they like boxes. And being a true cat, Marcus likes playing with them, lifting them, dragging them around, throwing stuff inside and, of course, sitting in them like any decent cat would.

He loves destroying stuff

It’s like he doesn’t like order. If something can be ruined, it must be destroyed. You can usually find him knocking stuff over, throwing toys outside the stroller, tearing paper into tiny pieces, banging things against the ground to see if they can be broken, biting into anything he lays his hands on and opening drawers to make some mess — classic.

He is always hungry

There are three things he can eat non-stop: bread, breastmilk and yoghurt. Yes, in that order. Whenever my husband and I are eating anything — sushi, pasta, salad, cake, mainly the stuff he’s not yet allowed to eat, Marcus will be walking from me to my husband and then again to me, asking to take him on our laps, trying to lure out some food. And of course playing with food is one if his many naughty hobbies.

Are your kids behaving like cats too? What funny animal habits do your babies have? What cute animals do they resemble?