Why I Started This Blog

Two words: McDonald’s coffee. Seriously, what’s in this thing? It’s 2 in the morning, I drank it like 7 hours ago and I still can’t sleep.

And, you know, when you can’t sleep, you have all these thoughts roaming in your head, like “What good did I do today”, “Is it gonna rain tomorrow” or “Should I go make a sandwich.” Well, this night one of the thoughts was:

I mean, I am writing for a living, why not write about what I’m living? It’s the Internet, for God’s sake.

And, not to brag, but I have been receiving tons of requests to start blogging. Well, not tons but a lot. Okay, there were two. And half of that two promised to read and share whatever I’m writing, so there you go. Yes, Yura, I’m talking to you.

I won’t promise anything, like how often new posts will appear or if they’ll be intersting at all. But I can tell you this: tomorrow I will (probably) drop a post, and you better like it. Yes, Yura, still talking to you.

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