This One Trait Will Improve Everything About Your Life, But Comes At A Terrible Cost
Geoffrey Ducharme

Clever people are not good unless they transcend their cleverness and are more noble than they are clever.

I don’t think that there is “low wisdom”, but I believe in the ranking order of:

  1. Information, at the bottom of the barrel; we kick it with our feet and it is there is enormous and drowning abundance. Useful when used timely and properly, useless and a waste of time otherwise.
  2. Knowledge. More desirable as this is acquired through dedication and application. This we seek after and we are better off for having it, but it still is not wisdom.
  3. Wisdom is the highest. It is visited upon only those who transcend inherent foolishness, pride and who are aware of their ego. This is very rare. Even science has not come up with an operational definition of wisdom, and I give them credit for that. Wisdom is high. Happy are those who have any degree of it. The fool laughs at it.

Viviana Rose

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