Viviana your articles are so amazing!
Corrina Anselmo

This makes my day :-D

We will continue to improve.

Proverbs says that the life of the cool, decent person, (it says, “the life of the “just”, but “the just” sounds too uptight in our current language), so, paraphrasing: “the lives of cool, nice, decent people are like the sun light that grows and grows until the day is perfect”.

This too I will weave into my work on the uselessness of fearing death… because for those who ARE in a journey of growth, things ONLY get better, — even if on the outside there are trials. We depart at the right time, and it is all a gift: having come, having stayed however long or short, having served and loved one another, and having left… it is all a gift.

Thank you for resonating with my heart.