Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Corporate World

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Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. We used to play video games that only consisted of colored blocks moving around, but today we are putting on a headset and playing the game as if we are inside of it. We used to use our phones to make phone calls and send text messages, but today we use our phones for much more than simply phone calls and texts — some phones even have built-in technology that can learn about its user and come up with suggestions to make their lives easier. These are only two examples of how technology has made life more entertaining and convenient for consumers. Businesses are also gaining benefits from technology and one specific area that has been providing companies with a boost in productivity is artificial intelligence. This type of technology utilizes a computerized program that is able to learn, adapt and perform certain tasks without any user input.

Current And Future Trends Of Artificial Intelligence

The Motley Fool reports that artificial intelligence will be able to interact with a person similar to the way they interact with a friend by the year 2018. They also report that in as little as one year, artificial intelligent software will produce up to 20% of all content published by businesses — this includes legal documentation, press releases, reports, sponsored blog posts and even social media posts. Other interesting facts about artificial intelligence that are also noteworthy:

• Artificial intelligence has an economic impact of up to $33 trillion per year.

• Self-driving cars are becoming more popular and provide people with up to 50 minutes extra per day — which can be used to do important tasks related to work or their personal life while they sit back and wait for the car to drive them to a location.

• In as little as three years, up to 85% of corporate customer service channels will utilize artificial intelligence to communicate with their customers.

• More than 30% of all corporate executives are using voice recognition software to help make their lives easier and to perform certain tasks faster.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Work

Businesses and the people that work at companies are able to utilize the power of artificial intelligence to help them work more efficiently and to increase their productivity. The utilization of this technology was only a far-away goal about a decade ago, but now we use artificial intelligence in many different parts related to running a business successfully. Racounter explains that law firms are using AI to scan through e-mails, records and documents to speed up their processes (AI is saving them more than 95% of time used to perform these tasks manually). Marketing technology is using AI to show relevant advertisements to web surfers — a person that often visits or searches for “business productivity tips” would see advertisements related to apps and reports that will help them increase their productivity, no matter where they go, and financial companies are also using AI to help make important decisions faster.

These are only a few methods that utilize the advancements that are being made in artificial intelligence. Smaller businesses, no matter what industry they are in, are also using certain aspects related to AI technology to boost the way the business and its employees work. One of the most popular examples is the use of an artificial intelligent chatbot to offer customer service to visitors on their website. Instead of employing hundreds of agents to chat with visitors, they employ a smart chatbot that can have a conversation with the potential customer and provide them with relevant answers. If the chatbot is unable to resolve the issue in an appropriate manner, it then forwards the query to an agent to manually check the problem and sends the customer a notification that their query has been forwarded to someone that will get back to them soon.

Other ways that companies of any size can utilize artificial technology to improve the way they work:

Personalized User Interfaces

While a company may have a lot of employees, they all have their own unique functions in the business and need to perform certain tasks daily to ensure the success of the company. Since employees need to perform different tasks, they do not all use the same set of software and access the same content. Artificial intelligence can be used to personalize the user interface of devices that employees are using — as the technology learns more about what the employee’s role in the company is, it will start to prioritize apps and right content that the employee needs to use and remove the unneeded ones from desktops and home screens.

Enhanced Productivity

Word processors are predicting what a user will type next and automatically correcting spelling mistakes. Messaging apps can learn how the user “speaks” and then adapt itself to help the user type faster. In factories, robotic hands are used to solder small pieces and to put together heavy objects. This can greatly enhance the productivity of physical workers by allowing them to focus on more important tasks that would be less time consuming to perform. Artificial technology is also used to perform some tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming.

Computerized Assistants

Hiring an assistant can be expensive. People who recently started their own business may not be able to afford hiring an assistant to help them improve their organization and productivity, but an assistant can be useful and speed up many processes. For these people, utilizing an intelligent virtual assistant may be the better solution. Many platforms offer an affordable assistant that can respond to e-mails, schedule appointments and more.


Businesses are catching on quickly to the rave of incorporating artificial intelligence to boost the productivity of employees and the potential of a company itself. From using applications that learn about the user to customize the layout and order of things to suit the specific employee, to providing a way to conduct certain tasks that would normally be performed by a virtual assistant without occurring the expensive charges of hiring yet another employee. At the rate artificial intelligence is growing now, businesses are advised to enable the use of this technology in their businesses to utilize their abilities, which can enhance the way the company works.

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