How Improved Content Can Increase Your Traffic

Generating traffic is a pretty common problem for many digital marketers and entrepreneurs. Well, you probably know and understand that traffic is the lifeblood of all online businesses.

Without traffic, no leads

Without leads, no sales

Without sales no business

While using various forms of marketing strategies including email marketing, social media marketing, social influencer marketing and many others, you realize that the main goal is to make sure customers and visitors looking for products and services find you first instead of your competitors. What this means is that you have to set you brand strategically where the target audience can easily access it.

In order to help boost organic site traffic, there is plenty to be done to guarantee search engine optimization and better site ranking on search engine algorithms. Use of the right quality and long-tail keywords, use of internal and external links, use of social media and keeping track of your online visitors may help a great deal in the entire process of trying to boost web traffic on your website.

However, the most crucial strategy is creation of the highest quality content. Even when you want to build a presence on social media, you need to come up with improved quality content that resonates well with your audience. The same happens with email marketing, use of social influencers and creating web contents and blogs at large. This is why content marketing has become quite popular when it comes to digital marketing.

Content marketing strategy to generate more site traffic

For a long time, many entrepreneurs and marketers believed content marketing to be simply about creating, distributing and sharing of content. Besides the creation and distribution of content, you intend to engage with the audience in a manner that will generate leads, improve branding and boost sales among other marketing goals.

For effective content marketing, you need a strategic approach and that is exactly what content marketing strategy entails. Like other strategies regarding other marketing techniques like email marketing or social media marketing, content marketing strategy also needs to be integrated in a broader strategy.

Use of sponsored blog posts by expert bloggers can also advance your online presence and traffic in general. Many brands are hiring people believed to be experts in sponsored content to write about their company products, services and their experiences with the brand. Such branded stories are eye catching and many people get drawn into clicking certain contextual links that promote specific products and services.

Your content marketing strategy should therefore endeavor to answer the following questions;

· Who are the buyer personas and what are their content needs? As a marketer, you would like to know the kind of information being sought by target audience. Creating content based on their needs therefore tends to draw their attention and even counting you as a reliable source of what they are seeking online. This will in turn boost your site traffic as you plan on other strategies that will boost your business such as conversions.

· Which other organizational goals can be realized through the use of better content marketing? Besides boosting engagement, you have definitely set forward a number of goals to be achieved such as traffic building, conversion optimization, lead generation, and event marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, customer service and marketing automation among others. All these can then be improved through the use of content marketing

· What content marketing metrics do we need to gauge success? Upon the application of the right content marketing strategy, you expect results. It would therefore be crucial to determine the metrics needed to gauge the success of all content marketing strategies.

· Which organizational processes, competitor information, management goals, marketing priorities and customer insights do you need to know in order to be successful?- this question is crucial in the quest to increase your site traffic. First and foremost, the question will guide you in content production before you even get to content strategizing. Having answers to these questions will lead you into sharing the best quality content that will draw more traffic to your website to generate leads and sales in the end.

· How is the industry you are in changing? Online visitors are usually interested to know about the latest trends. It should therefore be upon you as the marketer to stay ahead of the competition in providing the target audience with the latest and up-to-date content they want. If a majority of the customers realize you are always in time providing the latest trends in your industry, the more you will make them active on your site thus drawing traffic even the more.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing does not exist on its own; that is why a content marketing strategy by all means. Having this strategy at hand, you will be able to drift your focus from the content and start thinking about the strategic role of content marketing within your organization for the better good.

The following are some of the simple things to do in content marketing strategy;

· Analyze the type of content that is needed by the target audience

· Make an inventory of all the available content including existing content and other resources than can be turned into content

· Set up a perfect and workable content marketing plan

· Develop a narrative that incorporates your brand’s goals and customer intent through content. Here, you will have to establish the style and tone of voice among others.

· Automating specific marketing processes using the right content on the right time and place

· Planning a content strategy for various channels such as twitter, Google LinkedIn, and Email because all the mentioned channels have their own distinctive characteristics

· Share the created content with the target audience and most importantly, make sure the content is easily found.

· Create, source curate and optimize content using the best tactics and procedures available to ensure the content is clean and has the ability to go viral once it is posted online.

· Provide the content in different formats while providing a specific call-to-action for each. This is crucial if you intend to grasp the attention of different personas and target audience that have different needs from each other.

· Combine various marketing tactics and marketing strategies campaigns to create awareness about your brand products and services and eventually boosting traffic flow on your website.

· Undertake proper training for all the personnel involved in content creation, planning and execution of content marketing strategies.


The secret to increased site traffic is top quality content. There are so many strategies that are known to increase traffic including SEO, use of influencers, use of quality sponsored blog posts and most crucially generating the best quality content that is shared to the target audience from time to time. Any content shared need to be backed with share triggers embedded n your content to encourage people to share and link thus boosting your web traffic and lead generation as well as enhancing conversions.