Prostate Cancer: 5 Early Warning Signs Men Shouldn’t Ignore

Overview of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the various types of cancer. It only affects men. Cancer starts growing in the prostate gland in the reproductive system of males. It is one of the diseases, which progress very slowly. There are various types of treatment for prostate cancer, but many men don’t even bother treating their prostate cancer. Yes, the treatment helps to reduce the growth of prostate cancer to some extent, but because of its slow progression, most of the men choose to monitor the cancer progression at first instead of immediately opting for treatment.

Prostate cancer is a very common form of cancer. Prostate cancer is also the second leading cause of cancer death after skin cancer. The statistics show that 1 out of 7 men is likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their entire life span. Furthermore, 1 out of 39 men will die because of prostate cancer.

Early warning signs of prostate cancer

There are various stages of prostate cancer. There is a total of 4 stages of prostate cancer. It is absolutely crucial to know about the early symptoms of prostate cancer because it helps you to better treat your prostate cancer. There are many prostate exercises, which you can try to protect your prostate. The study shows that exercises can improve your overall prostate health. In this part of the article, you will get to know about 5 early warning signs that indicate a prostate cancer.

  1. Difficulty in urination process

The first early warning sign of prostate cancer is having difficulty while urinating. You may feel like you need to rush, but after some time, you may feel like there is nothing left to come out. There might also be a case of stopping midstream or urinating more often than usual. Another sign is the difficulty in stopping. You will find it hard to stop after finishing, or you might feel you still need to urinate, even after finishing. The urethra (tube carrying semen and urine) are surrounded by the prostate gland, and even a tiny tumor can interfere with ejaculation and urination.

2. Pain during urination

Due to the tumor surrounding the urethra, any person having prostate cancer can feel a lot of pain during urination. There are other reasons behind pain during urination. One of the causes of pain while urinating is because of the urinary tract infection. It is its classic symptom, and many people will quickly relate the pain during urination with urinary tract infection. However, it can also be the early warning sign that indicates prostate cancer. When you experience pain during urination, then it is better to consult the doctor for treatment rather than ignoring the symptom.

3. Blood can be seen in the urine

This sign is not so much common, but in some cases, the blood can be seen in the urine. This condition is also known as hematuria. If you see the blood in your urine, then you must immediately see the doctor without any delay. You don’t have to see lots of blood in your urine; you might just notice a smear or a pinkish tint. There are various reasons behind seeing blood in the urine. The reasons behind seeing blood in the urine could be because of prostate or bladder infection, BPH, or because of kidney stones. However, it can also be seen because of tumor in the kidney, bladder, or prostate.

4. Leakage or dribbling urine

People hardly discuss this sign, but it is one of the early warning sign of prostate cancer. It can be said as the male urinary inconsistency version. It does not occur in large volume, but it is still noticeable. The longer trips to the bathroom, as you wait for a long time to stop the dribbling or leakage on the path to the bathroom are the signs of the telltale. The doctor will explain to you that it is most likely the symptoms of overactive bladder or BPH. However, if this symptom is combined with other symptoms, then it may indicate for further testing.

5. Erectile problems

This one is a big concern for male, but it is often difficult to consult with others. If you’re finding it harder to get an erection, or to maintain the erection, then you should consult the doctor. Erectile problems are usually caused due to atherosclerosis. However, it can also be caused because of prostate cancer interfering with ejaculation or erections. There are Kegel exercises for men, which you can try. It has a positive impact on your prostate and sex health.


It is always better to diagnose your problems early for the better treatment of your disease. If you experience some of these 5 early warning signs of prostate cancer, then it is better to see your doctor without delay. There are various options provided to you after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. The statistics show that in the recent times more men are choosing to stay out of treatment and monitor the disease progress, instead of immediately choosing the treatment method because of its slow progression.

Finally, you should remember that despite prostate cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death, because of its slow progression, you don’t have to panic a lot. The damage could be controlled by choosing the right treatment option at the right time.

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