Why 2017 Is The Year To Invest In Artificial Intelligence Stocks

It all started out in the 1940s when a programmable digital computer was developed that had the ability to perform some mathematical tasks. This was the very first step that mankind took to developing artificial intelligence and it is also the one milestone in history that sparked the creativity of scientists. After this digital computer was released, scientists started to work on creating an “artificial” brain that could process certain inputs — similar to how the human brain processes information — and then output a result. About a decade later, the foundation of a new AI research department was announced at a conference that was held at Dartmouth College. The leaders of the AI research team predicted that within as little as one generation from that time, a machine would exist that has similar intelligence to the human brain. Millions of dollars were given to this team to help them achieve this vision. Today, they are known as the leaders of artificial intelligence — they are, after all, the ones that started it all.

Latest Advancements In Artificial Intelligence

Before we take a look at the market value and predictions for artificial intelligence, as well as look at the main reasons why 2017 is the perfect year to invest in this growing market, let’s first look at some of the most recent developments. This will give you a better understanding of what is already possible in artificial intelligence and even help you realize what is possible in future developments.

Some of the most popular advancements in artificial intelligence technology:

• Today, we can use our smartphones without even touching them — voice recognition has come a far way and is now able to communicate with us as if we have a personal assistant, built directly into the tiny device that we call our smartphone. Some examples of voice recognition technologies that are commonly used today include Siri (Apple’s built-in AI bot), Cortana (Microsoft’s prime AI virtual assistant) and Google Now.

• Medical devices are available that can pinpoint certain problems with the human body (and even in animals).

• Gamers enjoy the artificial intelligence built into games. For example, The Sims, a gaming series that allows the player to create their own “humans” and play God over them, contains an artificial intelligence technology that causes the Sims to adapt to environments, have feelings and emotions, and live similar to humans do.

• Several University student groups and even professional scientists have created artificial intelligent robots that can play sports, assist with the assembly of vehicles and much more. These robots can detect aspects in their environment, adapt and react accordingly.

• Some of the high-end vehicles come out with artificial intelligence built into them. While some cars can help the driver park their car perfectly, other cars can even drive entirely on their own without requiring a driver.

• GPS technology has also advanced quite a lot over the past few years. Today, you simply enter your destination and the GPS device will detect your location, then navigate you directly to your location. Some GPS devices are so advanced that they even look at traffic reports and other aspects to help the driver avoid traffic jams and take the fastest road to their destination.

These are only some of the artificial technology that we use on an everyday basis. In the background, a lot of advancements are also made every day. For example, the University of Washington recently developed a system that allowed gamers to play computer games without using their hands at all. The system completely relies on brain stimulation — it reads brain waves and reacts accordingly. The University of California also recently developed an artificial robot that can jump from wall to wall — quite impressive.

Market Value of Artificial Intelligence Industry

With more and more advancements in artificial intelligence being made day after day, it is no wonder this industry is on the rise. Last year, the artificial intelligence industry was worth approximately $643.65 million dollars. This year, it has almost doubled, with its value being around $1,247.56 million. This figure will only continue to grow every year and, the sooner you invest in this industry, the better you can benefit. Waiting just one single year could increase the price you will pay to invest in the industry by more than double. In fact, by the year 2020, the value of the artificial intelligence industry is estimated to be $6,076.13 million. Just five years after that, it is estimated that the value of this industry will jump to more than $30,000 million. Fortunately, the industry is not there yet, thus making an investment in 2017, the year where this industry starts to thrive, provides the perfect opportunity for investors to gain their investment back in multiples just a couple of years from now.


Artificial intelligence was first mentioned in ancient times. From there, it advanced to the development of the very first artificial intelligent digital computer. After this development, the industry started to grow and, today, we use it in our everyday lives. While the technology isn’t 100% perfect yet, scientists continue to improve on what has been developed thus far and even develop new technology that utilizes artificial intelligence. This year, the industry will start to thrive extensively and, from there, will grow very quickly. Thus, the time to invest in this industry is now — waiting can only lead to disappointment.

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