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Disruptors! A word that has altered its actual connotation from being a negative one to a most sought-after term that defines the success of any business. Disruption has become the game changer for any business line to flourish in its domain.

Backed by the boom in technology and internet services, brands are now incessantly juggling with the myriad modes of communication and marketing strategies available for their products and services to thrive with instant results. To top it, there has been a colossal shift lately in consumer and the buying behavior, largely resulting from the unprecedented social media rumble.

In the current scenario, reviews and experience-based feedback cover a larger share in the pie depicting factors influencing the buying decision of a customer. This has further bolstered the rise in influencer and student ambassador marketing strategies for businesses across sectors. According to various online reports about three-quarter of consumers trust the opinions they find on social media, especially from friends, families, and influencers, to help them make the right decision before buying a product or service. Influencers are very close to the guerrilla marketing approach and technology has been a key enabler for the sector to make headway.

Bringing in the right blend of the consistent disruption in the technology space, changing consumer behavior and the unmatched role of influencers, there is a community already playing a crucial facet in the entire brand-customer engagement segment. They are called the Generation Z or Gen Z. Today, Gen Zs are one of the stirring influencers that any brand should consider leveraging for instant success of its marketing measures.

One of our student ambassadors work in K L University(India)

Why does the voice of Gen Z matter?

Gen Z is a very independent, pragmatic and an entrepreneurial generation. At a time when technology and the internet has taken over our lives completely, Gen Z can be credited as a user group that is pretty much leading the pack. They are more acquainted, informative and have swifter access to data and contacts than anyone else.

Considering the speed in which they network and their presence across diverse social media platforms, an associated brand can ensure a multifold proliferation of their brand awareness and reach. Gen Z is leveraging the social media boom like never before while giving instant measurable results through wide range outreach of any product.

Growing up while witnessing the most challenging era with economic downturns, digital shifts and climate threats, Gen Z is known for being feisty, straightforward, and the one that believes in creating and defining its own norms. They are known for redefining the way they live, work and operate. Associating your brand with this generation not only adds plausibility to your vision and mission but it also gives a more human touch. Gen Z is vehement about the brands they believe in, making it more real and authentic.

The challenge

While student paid ambassadors and campus ambassadors have the stupendous power to boost your brand with wide outreach, if not seeded or nurtured well with the right messaging and brand values, it can lead to a rampant communication crisis that no brand would want to get into. While this group is known for its intolerance towards ‘fake’, making it a boon for responsible brands, any level of miscommunication may become catastrophic.

Identifying and selecting the right paid student ambassador who can deliver quality outreach and advocacy resonating with your brand and audience still remains a challenge for many organisations. Most agree that the key principles of student ambassador engagement are things like authenticity, genuine engagement and choosing students carefully and then letting them drive. But the daunting task remains in the process. It is about how to find the right ambassador, how to reward them fairly and how to measure the investment against other channels.

And that’s where TheVoiceCA steps in…

At the TheVoiceCA, our aim is to leverage the potential of this generation by nurturing their strengths and traits. TheVoiceCA is the India’s First Student Ambassador Platform that aids their customers with quick, unwavering and organic marketing results. The platform aims at augmenting your brand engagement in the most trending and effective way.

The four-pronged approach of our programs include;

· Broadening of reach by amplifying brand awareness through student ambassadors

· Sharing Genuine Product Reviews based on our ambassadors’ experience

· Tangible results to show the impact of a given campaign

· Acquisition of organic customers by leveraging the network and agility of the Gen Z

Services we offer include — Glamour Ambassadors, Product Testing, Sample distribution, and Customisable Student Ambassador Programs.

TheVoiceCA Mobile Application Screenshots (App launching soon)

Ease of operations — To ensure ease of working with The Voice, our recently launched mobile app captures the entire process from the beginning of the campaign till the measurement of success. Our app is the simplest solution that we have worked on to process and work with the student ambassadors. It helps to put everything in a straight and easy path. It is well organized and easy to monitor.

In a nutshell,

We are committed to working with brands by leveraging the influence and aura of the trendsetters of today. Our programs are designed in a way that helps our customers identify the right student ambassadors for them. We help in;

1. Recognizing and nurturing the right talent

2. Assisting with the right match aligned with the values, goals and vision of the brand

3. Creating a win-win for brands as well as the student ambassadors

We are also committed to ensure safety of our student ambassadors wherever they are deployed as well the brand image by giving the right direction and educating to the influencers

Broadly, Gen Z believes in ‘changing the game’ — be it in the professional space or education — they are the disruptors and that’s what the success of a brand needs today. This generation aids in getting the right mix of inorganic and organic promotion — considering their speed of interaction, the vastness of their network, quick response time and the go-getter attitude. We feel it is a never before opportunity for marketeers to explore the segment.

You can know more about The Voice CA from our Website.