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How Much Money was Given to Solar Companies by Obama that when they got that Money Fired their Employees Closed their doors and took all that Money with the leaders of those companies giving us nothing to show for all the Money Obama Gave them of our Tax Dollars? I hate to tell even the Environmentalist and those against so Called Big Oil If you check how Solar Panels are made Hoe wind turbines work or even How Tupperwear is made the Not even Hilary would be in trouble right now if not for Big Oil because we would have no Computers lap tops or I pads we would not have warm Homes in the winter or cooler in the summer and electric cars still need Big Oil to run or even make them with If not for Big Oil we would still be traveling in wooden wagons and using animal Fat to grease the Wheels with Saved food would have to be salted or dried there would be no refrigerators no Freezers No Micro wave ovens and we would be cooking on Fire places or wood cook stoves and God forbid the Vireo Nuts would say be wearing animal Skin Clothing. The list would take Volumes to list everything that it takes oil to make we use every day even a Majority of medicine are made with some Bye Products of Oil How many of you people want to spend your day Behind a Horse driven Plow or gather your food by hand? How many want to have to heat your water for a Hot bath on a Fire? Ladies forget going to a hair dresser or your kids having a school to attend It would be you teaching the Kids all day and then only how to Grow and store food and How many of you really want to build your own Log Cabin with the dirt floors?How many of you want trip being going to town to buy a Plow or not having a window in your cabin?The left even want you to be banned from having a Fire arm so how do you put meat on the Table what do you do when a Bear is attacking you or your child or a Mountain Lion even a Bobcat What will keep the wolfs from your door? Think about this Post of mine?