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To Tim Carter below I want you to show me on any Campus where is the Conservative safe zone? The Safe Zone only seems to be a Place for anti American Values and for the radical left. It is not the Liberal Socialist who are ran off Campus only Conservative Valued Speakers and If we break everyone up into Their Small Groups how will we ever learn to work things out with each other? and by the way have you ever heard what is happening on the great Liberal School of Berkeley? It is these so called Safe Zones who have created the debacle they have . On that Campus it is Liberals fighting Liberals and Safe Zones are where it stems from. If you never learn the Art of Compromise and negotiations nothing will get worked out except by a war between the factions and one Group wipes out the other . This is why the Fed was shut down last time Liberals said It was the Republican who were sitting on their hands But in fact thye were sending Bills Daily to the Senate on th Budget But that Body being controlled at the Time by Democratic Liberals all Conservative Based Bills were all Trash Canned without ever reaching that floor of the Senate.So who was sitting on their hands and who was the same one who was not doing their job!

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