It’s never too late to start connecting with your team

A senior manager and peer of mine (from another organization) wanted to know how to start having one-on-one meetings with his direct reports despite having never had them before.

His team wasn’t that big and his direct reports were managers. …

Snooze Slack and plan ahead

You can run meaningful 1-on-1 meetings with members of your team, even when you’re remote.

Remote meetings come with a ton of challenges, from technology, timing, digital distractions, and more. Mastering 1-on-1s with your direct reports is also key to being a great manager and leading productive teams.

Nothing beats…

Inventing a commute can help you transition between work-life and home-life

When my team transitioned from commuting on the subway to commuting from their bedrooms to living rooms, context-switching became tough.

From day one, I had trouble getting a feel for when work was genuinely over. Was I watching Netflix to unwind? Or was I still working and it was just…

Just because your commute has stopped, doesn’t mean your career has to

A foot with a sock on it raised up balancing a stack of books and a beverage.

You are working from home, which seems awesome. No commute and fewer interruptions. Your cat curls up by your side and the kettle comes to a whistle. This is how work was meant to be.

Time passes and your one-on-ones start to feel repetitive and rushed, your tickets are for…

You can innovate, but can you deliver?

Your team moves fast! My team does too. You work on a number of large production systems, and deviating from the process can be a source of innovation.

When starting something new or experimental it is helpful to break out a team and hack. …

Lift yourself up by supporting those around you

I knew what the meeting was about.

Ali had called me aside, and I had a feeling it was to complain. We grabbed the nearest cork-covered conference room that was open, pried back the tabs on some seltzer, and sat down.

He looked over at me and started: "You need…

How to approach an international, multi-lingual company culture

“Should we require foreign offices to always speak English? Even when not on a call with HQ?”

A new mentee was seeking advice on how his company should approach culture in their overseas offices. The HQ was in the U.S. …

Establishing a “Team OS” to encourage process problem solving

The product owner canceled the team’s retrospective for the third time in a row. My mind was blown. How could the team change and improve if they didn’t take time to look back at what was working and what wasn’t.

I approached him to ask why and was shocked to…

If you think your team needs retraining, you don’t have a skills problem, you have a culture problem.

A hallway with slightly open doors of different muted colors where the paint is chipping on the walls.

Having gone through a cloud migration for one of the world’s top 100 websites, there were a couple of ways it could’ve unfolded. The first was making choices based on old thinking, and sticking to what we knew.

The other way, the way that it happened, was for everyone to…

Create A Workplace That Allows For Thinking

Andy’s head was kicked back as she stared at the ceiling. With a quick swing, her eyes refocused on the computer monitor in front of her as I walked by.

“Is everything alright?”

“Totally, I just needed to sort out how I wanted to connect these services together.”



William Anderson

VP, Engineering @ Forbes | Technical Leadership | Tech Strategy | Stegosaurus

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