The Wake June news — Marketplace & Demo & NFT Sales

Dear community, investors and supporter of The Wake project.

We were also very upset by the bad trend and fluctuations in the crypto market that started in the past weeks and still continues. On the other hand, a quality market where only strong projects can survive is our dream.

In this process, our project has never been affected and will fulfill what it promised on the promised dates.

Let’s look at the month of June together;

1On June 15, the pre-alpha demo of our game will be shared with you. You will be able to discover simple mechanics and one of our maps and have a boss fights. 2 playable characters and a lot of skills are waiting for you.

2We will activate our Marketplace. After NFT sales, you can use this market and buy and sell NFTs.

3We are very excited for our first and most exclusive NFT sale. Limited-edition characters, pets, items, elixirs and lootboxes are an unmissable opportunity.

Good news and improvements waiting you on june !



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