Predictably Unpredictable­­­­ — Stand Up For The Champions

Finally, after more than a decade of waiting anxiously and desperately; the day has come. The day all of Pakistan has wept with tears of joy and danced with immense happiness. The day the whole nation stood together as one while they witnessed the miracle unfold. The day the whole world appreciated and acknowledged Pakistan for what is truly is and not what people had made of it. The day our champions gave all the haters and critics a shut up call without even saying a word!

It’s been so long since something of this caliber has hit Pakistan- Honestly, we have been waiting for this forever. In Pakistan, there’s so much good but sadly that doesn’t always make it out there. There’s so much talent, beauty, innocence and prosperity in Pakistan but what everyone thinks when they hear Pakistan tells a different story. The peace-loving nation has never been so happy and grateful to the team.

18th June 2017, The day that shall be remembered forevermore. It is the day Pakistan lifted up the ICC Champions Trophy. The team ranked last and started off rather terribly with that terrible blow against India. Which proved to be a wake up call for Pakistani players! For they were truly unstoppable after that. They turned to dust everyone that came in their way to the cup, knocking the world’s best teams out one at a time!

When it finally came down to India and Pakistan for the finals, we got all kinds of feels and chills. The last thing we needed was another blow from India. India is considered to be the arch-rival for the Pakistani team. Indians celebrities made an effort by badmouthing our team more than once, reeking of arrogance and over-confidence. Served them right, didn’t we? We mean, you simply don’t lose a final match after progressing like that. And you never lose a match against India. Never.

Before the match even started, billions of people were already either nail-biting anxious or downright excited. Not only in Pakistan and India, the desis living all over the world made an effort to actually sit back and let this grand day bestow upon us. White people, especially the English living in England where the whole series was initially played also made a beautiful gesture by supporting team Pakistan by wearing colors of green and chanting Pakistan Zindabad along with rest of the Pakistanis. People from all over the world flew over to the Oval to witness the great match!

The hype was real, you guys! It was sheer pleasure to have witnessed Pakistan annihilate India like that. We demolished their batting line up with our best-in-the-world bowlers and also didn’t fail to knock back to back groundbreaking shots at them! The fielding too perhaps was brilliant.

Now, we could go on all day. Moral of the story? Never underestimate Pakistan. And never mess with Muslims when It’s Ramadan. Not in 1992, not in 2017.

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