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Ahem… I have to clear my throat for this one. Do you actually know who John Mayer is? This article smelled a little rancid to me…less “What’s Your Plan, John Mayer?” and more like “I’m Jealous of John Mayer.”

John has been exceptional in Dead & Company, he is currently recording his next album, is a natural comedian, animal lover, has maintained solid friendships over the years, which reveals a lot about his character, separated himself from the limelight after everything that happened in the media years ago and found his true self in Montana. Have I mentioned he is a LEGENDARY guitarist!? John Mayer is a living legend that I believe is taken for granted because the average person thinks of him as a hokey acoustic guitar singer that only dates famous women. Which is what the media loves to portray him as.

Do you only listen to songs that are on the radio? The majority of Mayer’s best work isn’t heard on the radio. He is one of my favorite blues players, and I grew up on SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Dylan, and Albert King. If there were more John Mayers in the world, the world would definitely be a better, more fun place.

Maybe that stick up your rear end is so long that it’s causing you to have poor perception skills, Mr. Sam Donsky.

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