Important Items to be Carried on a Holiday

Travelling often creates a feeling of excitement within the travellers and in this enthusiasm, many forget to take small yet essential items while packing. We list out a few things which a traveller must carry to ensure a comfortable trip.

Safety Pins and Duct Tape

Have you ever been in a situation where your clothes/jacket have torn from a sleeve, thigh or anywhere else or a button missing from your shirt? If the answer is yes, then you will acknowledge the importance of a safety pin as an appropriate solution. A transparent duct tape will come handy in fixing the broken heel of a shoe or momentarily repair broken reading glasses.

Lightweight Scarf/Stole

A lightweight scarf or a stole is always recommended for a female traveller as it not only creates a style statement but can also be used for other purposes like protection from sun, something to cover your arms and head while visiting a religious place etc.

Roaming Solution

Keeping in touch with family or friends back home is essential while travelling overseas. Therefore, it is advised that you take an appropriate roaming solution to make sure that you don’t miss out on any important information/news and keep in in touch with your loved ones. These days, several international roaming app, like Ajura, are helping travellers in reducing their mobile roaming expenses and facilitating staying in touch while roaming.

Medicines and Prescription

Sometimes, in the excitement of packing for a holiday, people tend to forget to keep important medicines while other times they may forget to carry prescriptions, for drugs sold only on showing the same. During such a case, it is a hassle to buy medicines in a new place or visit a doctor for a prescription. Therefore, it is highly recommended to first pack medicines before anything else while packing for a holiday.

Reading Glasses/Contact Lenses and its Solution

If you have ever visited an ophthalmologist/eye specialist and tried to read the letters from an eye chart, then you will appreciate the importance of your reading glasses or contact lenses. Since glasses/contact lenses are expensive and prescription based, ordering a new pair while you are on a vacation, is neither a practical not an advisable option. Therefore, be careful to carry your eye aid while packing your things.

Happy travelling!!

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