Why Travel Agents Are Still In Business?

Taking a travel agent’s advise while planning a trip abroad might sound expensive but getting professional help sometimes can help you avoid hassles in more ways than one; especially when you are travelling across several cities or countries in a single trip. We tell you the numerous advantages of pursuing the services of a travel agent:

Save time

Planning a holiday or a business trip includes making numerous reservations either for hotel, flight/train tickets, arranging for an international roaming solution, etc. Therefore, people spend a lot of time on searching on various booking websites scooping out the best deal or haggle with customer care executives. In any case a lot of time is wasted in this process. Moreover, if you plan to do this all on your own, you might tend to forget one thing or another. However, when a travel agent steps in, he takes the responsibility of doing all the search work on various websites or make arrangements to get a suitable deal. The travel agent will make bookings for you, plan your itinerary (if you want), and arrange paperwork, in short bear all the hassles in exchange for a pre-decided fee.

Double Bonanza: Get time to decide travel dates and safety from fluctuation of fares

Sometimes, while planning a business trip, it is decided that employee(s) will travel to a certain destination but the date of the trip is undecided. In such a case, taking a travel agent’s service is advisable as he can give you a time window, generally lasting between 24–48 hours while fixing the fares. This option gives you the advantage of deciding the dates of travelling without worrying about the rise in price of tickets as the ticket price has been fixed. This benefit is not available if you book manually or online.

Booking cancelled/rescheduled? Travel agent is your friend in need

Several times flights and trains get cancelled or rescheduled due to internal issues, bad weather conditions or unfavourable conditions in a country/city etc. In such a circumstance, your travel agent will take the liability of rebooking a flight the same day with a different carrier, cancelling the rescheduled flight while making sure that you get a refund; which otherwise would be a difficult task for a traveller who had made bookings on his own.

Quick Support

In case of any problem or any non-delivery of services, you can simply call up or WhatsApp your travel agent and receive an instant response, a convenience not available otherwise when book through an online portal or directly with the organization.

Therefore, if you taking a business tour or if your trip includes touring multiple countries, it is advised that you employ the services of a travel agent to ensure a pleasant and hassle free trip.