How Long Does a Filling Take?

Are you feeling some amount of tooth pain or sensitivity? Perhaps it is time to visit your dentist to check for cavities. Bacteria in the teeth produce a strong kind of acid, and when they eat, small particles of food can get stuck on the teeth. When not brushed or flossed regularly, this can lead to plaque formation. If this is not intervened, plaque can chip the tooth enamel, leading to a small hole or cavity.

Cavities left untreated can spread to the root of the tooth. And once the tooth is affected and becomes inflamed, a root canal is required. In this procedure, the root of the tooth is removed and disinfected to salvage the tooth. This is why a cavity has to be treated immediately, and a prompt visit to the dentist is important following the first signs of tooth pain or sensitivity.

To do a tooth filling, first, a local anesthesia is given to numb the decayed tooth. The dentist then removes the decay and shape the tooth using a special drill. Depending on the kind of filling that will be used, some healthy tooth structure might be to be removed. Afterwards, the dentist etches the teeth using acid gel. The tooth is filled and the filling is hardened before it is given final polishing.

The actual time required to perform a filling procedure will depend on several factors, including the amount of decay, type of filling, number of surfaces involved, and difficulty of tooth access (premolars are much easier to perform a filling procedure on compared to the second the third molars). Another factor is consider the experience and speed of the dentist who will perform it.

Following the procedure, some tooth sensitivity is expected, which is experienced once the anesthesia wears off. Some patients might also experience a sharp shock called a galvanic shock, which happens when the metal in the filled tooth touches another tooth. Your dentist might prescribe you some antibiotics or painkillers to avoid post-procedure infection and help you deal with pain.

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