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Investing in the whiskey market is something that sounds new to most people; but is actually a very promising and interesting investment platform. Over the past few decades, the demand and popularity of whiskey has skyrocketed in Asian countries, especially Singapore. To be precise, the sales increase is about 190% just in the last decade.

This is one of the most prominent reasons behind whiskey enthusiasts and investors to think about investing in this market. Since whiskey or any other good quality alcohol for that matter, takes a long time to mature, this investment market is a slow one. However, with aging, the quality and price for whiskeys tend to grow significantly, giving the investor a huge opportunity to get great returns for the investment.

Whiskey aficionados and enthusiasts are gradually moving towards the western world for buying whiskeys as the demand is high and the production in limited in the Asian countries. The liquid is extracted at first and then kept in oak casks for maturing and then, after years of maturation, the whiskey meets the standard that aficionados and enthusiasts look for. The older or aged the whiskey is, the higher is the price and rarer does it become. For such exotic spirits, enthusiasts are ready to spend huge and this is what makes the Singapore whisky investment market a great place.

If you too are thinking of investing in whiskey, especially in Singapore, here are the top 9 things that you need to know.

  1. A Real Investment: Just like investing on rare stamps, coins etc., investing on whiskey is a real deal and offers greater returns than investing on sculptures, paintings, pottery or other conventional assets.
  2. Easy to Store:Unlike wine, storage of whiskey is much easier. In fact, once it is bottled, it does not age any longer and thereby, the price of the whiskey stays pretty much stable even after years.
  3. About Single Malt Whiskey:When it comes to the single malt whiskeys, you need to know that they are made only in the Scotland. This is because, the malted barley that is required to produce the single malt whiskey, is available only in the Scotland. Also, unlike the blended whiskies, a single distillery can produce the single malt whiskey. It is done in batches and through copper stills. Macallan, The Balvenie and Glenfiddich are some of the most popular and famous distilleries. A good quality single malt whiskey is aged for at least three years in oak casks, before it is bottled. The older it is seasoned in the oak casks, the better is the quality and higher will be the price.
  4. Aging and Flavouring: The flavour of the whiskey is the most important thing when you are thinking of investing on the whiskey. And flavour of the whiskey largely depends on its aging or maturing. The longer the whiskey is kept in the oak casks, the better will be its taste. The oak cask will give out its flavour into the whiskey with time. However, if you keep the whiskey for a shorter span, it will give out the taste of the copper distilleries more than the oak casks.
  5. Costing and Investment: There are a number of factors that determine the cost of the whiskey. These would include transportation, bottling, storage, transaction and distribution. So, when you are thinking of investing in whiskey industry in Singapore, you should be prepared with at least $50,000.
  6. Things to Have: Before you start your whiskey investment business, you need to have a few things ready and these would include property or land to store the whiskey, cash to bear the expenses and bonds.
  7. Which Place to Start with: One of the best ideas to start your whiskey investment is to buy a distillery that has closed down recently. This would mean that the distillery has stopped producing whiskey and what it has in store is a rare collection that will fetch you great returns.
  8. If the Market Goes Down:Though the chances are very remote and unlikely, in case the price of whiskey that you have invested in goes down, you can always enjoy it for yourself by opening the bottle and drinking a peg or two. So, it is a better idea to invest on something that you personally like drinking. However, in the recent future, there is no chance of the prices going down; rather the possibility of prices going up is very high as many of the best distilleries have closed down and the demand for a collection of rare whiskeys is swooping.
  9. Make Contacts: Now that you have known about all the necessary things about investing in whiskey market, you can start with a whisky tasting Singapore event that will help you make contacts. You can also visit auctions or meet an online forum or platform that will guide you.

Invest wisely and you will get great returns from whiskey market in Singapore.

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