App Update — Widgets, Availability notifications & Bookings

Our third instalment of new features in our latest push, remember to let us know your thoughts by tweeting us at @AvailoHQ.

Widgets and Force Touch-👏🏻

To add a couple of little tweaks to the UX of Availo we’ve introduced the use of force touch and widgets. Using force touch now allows you to jump straight into any section of the app.

We’ve also looked into the use of widgets — we know no one likes paperwork so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to update your availability with a today widget that you can add into your widgets view. As long as your logged in you can edit your availability on the fly — if you’re not logged in it offers you the option to jump into the app to do so.

Weekly Reminders-📢

No one likes being chased when they’re busy or booked, that’s why we’ve set a little reminder to update your status in the form of an interactive notification — each Friday at 9am you’ll get a notification asking to update your availability. Fridays are by far the busiest day for traffic on Availo -make sure you’re top of the list if your available or hidden if you’re not ;)

Clean Chat-⁉️

In the design sense! We’ve tidied up the chat view to make your conversations cleaner and easier to follow.

Book Button — 💌

Whilst in Beta we’re aiming to make interaction as frictionless as possible for all of our users. Some people have asked if they can hand the arrangements side of things over to us — that’s fine, we’re more than happy to help these users. On profile views you will now see “shortlist” has been moved to the header bar — and replaced with the “book” button. This will explain the booking process at the moment or allow you to complete a booking request that will be passed to our team to process on your behalf.

Other changes — 🛠

  • Migrated to Swift 3
  • A couple of bug fixes

Drop us your thoughts on twitter, and if you’re not on the app yet apply using the link below

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