Freelancers : Get the Most from Your Availo Profile

With the recent launch of the Availo web client we thought it would be a good idea to sit down and put down a few pointers for scoring your next gig on Availo.

With an increasing pool of available talent it is important to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Completed Profile 💯

To ensure our users get the best experience from Availo and their search time is as efficient as possible we only display users who have completed profiles. This means users who have completed their profiles and added projects to their profiles.

Your checklist when signing up should be…

  • Is my headshot/ avatar completed
  • Have I set my day rate?
  • If I’m using the app — have I set my location?
  • Have I added skills & tools to my profile?
  • Have I added at least a couple of client and market examples?
  • Have I added a couple of good project examples — and do the screenshots/ mockups do a great job of presenting these?

The reason we have such a list is based on feedback from the client side and our vision for users to be find their perfect freelance creative within their top 3 search results. The key characteristics that users identify in potential candidates is experience, skills, an up to date availability and great examples of work.

An incomplete profile is less likely to be followed up by a client if they have to search out the information they are looking for. A great profile is also a good way to get featured on the homepage of as they are selected by the Availo team. So make sure you have a profile that meets these goals and we’ll keep an eye out for your update!

Day Rates

A few people have been asking about day rates and why everyone has “Ask” on their profiles, this is more a feature than a lack of information. All clients using the system can see your day rate as a freelancer, however freelancers can’t see the day rate of other freelancers, although they are more than welcome to “Ask”. This is to avoid the minefield of undercutting which is a post in itself.

Up to Date Availability 📲

Keeping your availability up to date is a great way to be on or off the search radar. If you’re available or soon to be available, updating your status is a great way to let people know you’re ready to discuss and take on new projects.

With the introduction of widgets in our latest iOS release, we hope to have made this as easy as possible for users. Don’t forget you can also make yourself searchable or unsearchable when editing your profile, this will hide you from any news searches performed by users.

Skills Sets and Occupations 🎨

Early on we and the Availo community were able to identify that those searching for freelancers aren’t looking for rockstars and ninjas, UX Designers and Creative Directors are closer to their radar!

We know some people find these titles a little restrictive as the barriers between roles crossover. This is why the key search functionality at this time is based around a key skill. User’s are able to quickly see members who have the required skill and then see those who are more focussed via their occupation titles when results are displayed , e.g. UX Designer with UX Design over a Motion Designer with UX Design.

It is still early days for us here at Availo and we’re constantly listening to our users from both sides of the community. If you have any thoughts feel free to share them with us @AvailoHQ

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