Anxiety and depression are a far different animal than Cluster B personality disorders--i.e.

Yes, anxiety/depression are different than personality disorders — which is why it’s so important to be specific when talking to the general public, who does not know that, when using general terms like “mental health” or “mental illness.”

I hear you about your own illness, and still believe, based on what we know in the field, that each illness is on a spectrum. To make vast generalizations based on one case is endorsing abeism and I can’t get behind that. It’s like saying someone on the Autism spectrum shouldn’t be president. Where do we stop, exactly? And which physical illnesses prevent someone from making wise choices in office?

Should Donald Trump be president? No. But not just because he shows signs of an enduring, chronic personality disorder, but because he’s a racist, sexist piece of garbage — which has nothing to do with his “mental health.”

When we conflate these two things, we further stigmatize mental health and make it harder for people to come forward who are scared to. We also make it difficult for those on the lower end of personality disorder spectrums to seek help.

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