Why can’t I dig myself out of this hole?

We ask this question when we realize that we’re in a bit of a mess and realize that we need some help getting out. For just this article, we’re going to be talking about financial health for the 57% of American who are financially vulnerable and the many more around the world.

When we have to bring ourselves to asking this question, we are past the point of whether we can get out. If we could get out, we were not deep enough to ask this question.

Why do we ask the question is another great question. We ask the question because our minds or something within us has triggered a thought process that is asking questions about the current state realizing that something is amiss.

We realize that we’re in a hole. We realize that we have either stumbled into this hole or that we fell into it. And honestly, that is kind of how many people find themselves in financial vulnerability. They either have dug themselves into it and not fully realized it until it was too late, or they fell into it through not fully realizing the consequences of their actions or by some other unexpected occurrence.

I think one of the biggest steps is realizing that we are in the hole and it’s a problem. A lot of people will be in the hole, or in a position of financial vulnerability and think that it’s a shallow hole, not fully realizing that it’s too big to get out of. This is underestimating the full scope of their problems. Or maybe they might believe they can get themselves out. This might be true in some cases, but in many other you will need some sort of help.

We can start thinking about solutions and approaches to getting out of the hole once we are set with the reality that we are in one and it’s a problem.

We need to be able to assess the details of the problem. This isn’t simple the situation of being in a hole you can’t get yourself out of. You need to assess the details.


Can you even see your surroundings? Are you in a lighted area where you can see what is going around you or are you in total darkness where you can only feel around you and get a partial picture. We have 5 senses and we should hopefully be able to use as many of them to get an idea of what is going on.


One is such as the composition of the material of the hole. Are you in a concrete hole, a dirt one, a wet muddy one? This affects what type of tools you need to climb the wall of the hole.


Do you have any tools with you in the hole? Is there a shovel in there? Or a long tree branch? Or a rope?


This one is probable the most important. Do you have people in the hole with you? You might be able to work together to get out of it. Do you have people outside the hole near you? You might be able to call for help. Do you not have any one in your vicinity? You might be in bigger trouble than you thought.


Once we have all the information possible, then we need to come up with a plan utilizing the information and tools and people. Once we have our plan, we need to put it into action. Depending on your situation, it might be a quick fix, or a long one. It might take a few steps over a short period of time or multiple steps over a long one. Either way, we should find ways to help our fellow Americans to understand their situation, build a plan, and execute it to get them on the path to Financial Health.

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