You Poop, We Plant!


New challenger eco brand, How We Roll Co. has given us at Wired the huge pleasure to launch them into the digital landscape, and support their sustainable brand as they grow.

How We Roll Co. launched to the Australian market last week, supplying 100% recycled and tree free toilet paper (bamboo), offering subscription boxes for toilet paper, paper towels and tissues. They also offer value multipacks comprised of all 3 products, which is something we already know is super useful, and not seen in the market.

Born from a desire to offer a more sustainable option in our bathrooms given toilet paper currently wipes out 27,000 trees worldwide daily, the e-comm brand has partnered with non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted and will commit to planting one free plant for every product sold.

Our remit for the premium eco-friendly brand includes paid search and shopping, SEO and display and will be responsible for launching the brand in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Toilet paper in Australia alone is a billion dollar industry, and interest in more eco friendly options has really moved into the spotlight. So, it’s safe to say we are beyond stoked to be partnering with How We Roll Co.

Our purpose at Wired is to move digitally, humanly in our approach within our search, social, placement & partnerships, and digital creative channels. So, that’s why we can’t wait to achieve great things for this new sustainable brand as one big team and increase their online presence and performance, so they can focus on helping the environment.

Founder & Managing Director of How We Roll Co., Georgia Wright, explains why she chose to put her faith in us at Wired as their digital agency partner.

“After speaking to Ange and the Wired team about How We Roll Co and hearing their passion for the brand it was great to see someone as excited as us! Combine this with some really strong brand case studies and a highly experienced team we are excited to see the growth that can come from working with The Wired Agency.”

Our campaign activity for How We Roll Co launched last Thursday, and we’re excited to already be seeing some promising results within each channel, alongside incoming subscription sign ups and orders. The careful branding design, cool artwork and beautiful colour schemes the How We Roll team have put into the product are fantastic, and no doubt an additional reason why they are already seeing growth and purchases. Whatever the vibe and feel of your house or business where these rolls are displayed, you’re going to feel great about how they look, let alone about helping the planet! So great in fact, we can’t wait to get our tushies on some ourselves…

Words by Angela Hampton, Founder & Managing Director



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