11 podcasts that aren’t Serial

Clickbait Titles FTW.

You should be able to find these podcasts on your respective apps when you look for them under the ‘discover’ tab. Having said that, I’ve provided links wherever I can, along with some context.

Also, by no means is this list exhaustive, but I think these 11 shows should be a decent start for anyone wanting to get into the medium.

1. Radiolab

Gold standard for podcasts. Every other show is either an iteration of this, or aspires to be like this. Covers a very wide range of stories from history and politics to science. Start with episodes Blood, Patient Zero and Speed.

2. Invisibilia

Like Radiolab, but for unraveling hidden, yet apparent human behaviour. Breaks the ‘everything is black and white’ notion, and forces you to deal with the grey. Start with The Personality Myth.

3. 99% Invisible

Shows how most problems in the world can be solved with good design. Added bonus: Roman Mars, the host, has the best radio voice on this planet.

4. On The Media

Is it fake news, or not? This show is a US news media watch dog, to term it loosely. Will keep you up-to-date with US current affairs, and routinely calls out news outlets that are biased. Surprisingly dead-centre politically (and when they’re not, they are ethical about announcing conflicts of interest and biases).

5. Pop Culture Happy Hour

Sums up the latest TV shows, movies and other pop culture phenomena of the week for you, so that you don’t have to keep yourself glued to Reddit or Twitter all the time. It’s one of the few places whose reviews I can trust, because they’re bang on most of the time (and no spoilers, whatsoever).

6. Reply All

From dank memes to steel beams, this is the sole series that does ‘stories from the internet’ right.

7. Science Vs

‘Mythbusters’ meets current affairs. Be it gun control and immigration laws or ‘do those acme meds on TV even work?’.

8. No Such Thing As A Fish

Trivia and humour. Made by the QI elves (if you understood that reference, you should start listening ASAP; if you didn’t, listen anyway).

10. The Bugle

The best current affairs and satire podcast right now, with Andy Zaltzman. This is where John Oliver honed his skills week after week, before he quit to become the beacon of light for Tumblr liberals post 2015.

11. Infinite Monkey Cage

A science panel show, featuring comedians and physicists. You won’t find a more entertaining debate on evolution or particle colliders.

Bonus Podcast: Newslaundry Hafta

Think On The Media, but for India. The only Indian news panel discussion in which everyone makes sense (or if they don’t, they’re open to being corrected), and there’s no yelling at all. From critiquing news pieces/articles/channels to following up on the latest news in India. Would highly recommend.

Their discussion of the UP elections (episode released just before the results were out) is easily the best analysis of the state I’ve ever heard. Check it out here (it is two hours long, just so you know).

Header image taken from: http://theweek.com/articles/544443/benefits-advertising-podcasts